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Win STEP UP 3 Preview Screening Movie Tickets Here!

Yo Yo Yo fella peoples~ (acting hippie hop, LOL) Everyone knows that Step Up 3 is coming soon in the cinema, but ADVERLETS is bringing great news for you all. Free PREVIEW SCREENING MOVIE TICKET. Does this sounds great to you? You can watch it before anyone else (of course except people who is attending this event too).

Movie Screening Details for Step Up 3D
DATE : 25th August 2010 ( Wednesday)
TIME : 9pm
VENUE : Tropicana City Mall - Hall 3 (150 seats)

Never heard before STEP UP the movie? Oh well, FYL if yes but please watch the trailer below. I bet you must be attracted by it. Plus, its in 3D now. OMG! OMG!

How to win?

1. Post a photo of your dance post in your blog in a very creative way as you can and tell us why you want to watch the movie.
(Win 1 Pair)

2. Post a minimum of a 20-30sec video of you or with your friends dancing either: breakdancing/salsa/tango/rumba/chacha/clubbing and tell us why you want to watch the movie.
(Win 2 pairs of tickets)

You don't have a blog?

That's bad but never mind ADVERTLETS are also giving our free ticket through TWITTER as well. Do follow them as well to win those ticket. They are giving out 1 pair per day starting 2 weeks before the movie screening. You are already late! If you don't have a Twitter account i advise you better CREATE NOW because it is much more easier compare to creating a blog.

Besides this is how you could win 2 pairs of ticket.
Featuring Advertlets blogger Bboy rice aka Jeremy from

Start camwhoring or taking your own videos now. Who knows you might be the next Malaysia Famous Dance Star and also winning movie tickets from us. =)


-Your entry must link to this blog post and have the image ABOVE included in the post.
-Send your post url to
-Will Notify you through e-mail to confirm you are entitled for the movie passes or not.

Blogging contest closes 23th August 2010.


Carol said...

This is cool~ ^^
Have to think special dance pose to win the tickets!! XD
Arwww~ I want tickets...
how bout you? =)



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