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Oh Shoot!


Fucking stress!
Am in relationship with mua FINALS! Just done with my World Religion presentation. One down!
Only finals to go. I'm down down down...

Seriously can‘t take it anymore!!! I wanna shout out loud so badly!

Today, i had a little sweet time for myself. Yes, Monday is my finals and I'm still having my sweet time. That's why i said SHOOT ME! Went to college to collect stuff and i heard Car Competition from Hitz Fm sponsored by RedBull. No gender restriction! Osummness! Its for 16-21 ONLY. Top 30 get a chance to race in Sepang. Yknow...SPEED LEGALLY! How syok!

Rang VK up (he was a car freak), we went shisha at Monday and guess what. He sent me home all the way 140-160km/h. My legs are straighten, like stepping on the break pedal all the way. Tension! Ok, back to the topic now, above was an intro about him. So he agree, we went to Shah Alam just to join that competition. Hell yeah, i pulled out in the half way because it was MANUAL. I don't have confidence with it. All i can is driving AUTO car very good. Manual car to speed and doing tricks, i need some lesson first.

At the end, all FOUR of us didn't join but two of the boys went for GO KART. Me and Mun was scared by the sun. Its FIRE BURNING!

I'm home, stress hit me again. I just don't feel like taking all these shit! Damn! Tell me I'm not the only one who's wishing for these!

Ok, shall continue study.





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