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End The 2010 Suicide Trend Please!

2010 is gonna end soon =(
My feeling are hard to describe now, not in a good mood for the past few days.
Slept in the morning and woke up at evening. College gonna start soon, hope I'll manage to change back to normal sleeping cycle. My eye bags were not that horrible but i look like a panda, seriously!

Was suppose to update about the art day fashion show that held few months ago but the sucky Internet kills. Only 3 pictures was uploaded so far, and still...the same! Having nightmare non stop! So horrible!!! Yesterday was about dragon chasing me, trying to eat me. Today was about Sun's dad driving up to a 90 degrees road. WTH! I don't know how could i imagine that, perhaps Mr Sun was right. I have great imagination. I'm having problem waking myself up from nightmare, anyone can gimme a hand? No matter what method it is, I'm dying to know.

Bali pictures are still in the camera now. Hahah! I'm so lazy to do anything. Lazy to eat, lazy to dress up lazy to shop. Milo is my saver when I'm hungry, that's the only effort I'll do when I'm supa hungry. Make up no eye liner, only eyebrows and concealer. No fancy dress but shorts and slipper. Oh pathetic me! That's how I'm gonna end my 2010!

Facing big headache now! Thinking how am gonna end my 2010 last day.

Should i work because they pay Rm500 for 6 hours?
Or i shall attend wedding dinner?
Get tipsy with college mate at Zouk?
Gathering and laugh my ass off with high school buddie?


 Too bad, I'm not that brave. Talking about the hot trend lately, people tend to post their will on FB before they suicide. I saw Alviss Kong walls, after he died few days later. Surprisingly he was in my friend list and we used to chat a little. Ok shall stop here, get back to his wall. There's so much comment man! MY GOD! Per post 1000+ comment. WTH he wanna die just like that for a girl that has only been with him for 4mths? (I don't mean that you should die for a girl that had been with you for 40 years too!) You know... jumping down from the building need so much guts to do so! And why he don't have the guts to face the future? OK stop here too, because he's dead and we have no idea what's playing in his mind at that moment. I'm here just to warn you people, how hard how dead a relationship end, it'll always lead you to a better one. Please don't judge before you met another good one, god just want you to grow up before you met him. Think about your parents and friends, they might ignore you most of the time, treat you like shit ass but deep down that's actually how friends interact. Buddies don't sweet talk all the time. Agree?

Perhaps we should try to think in this way, you have a gf for 3 months, she broke up with you yet you still feel sad even she's not dead. So how your friends and parents will think when they spend their WHOLE LIFE with you and YOU ARE DEAD! I believe your brain can think much better now =)

Please, life is not a "chance" we could play with. When you are dead, it means you are.
Don't even plan to! Be wise =D

*NOTE* people, stop spamming the timeline with the dead people videos and post of whatever shit! What are you trying to do? Stupid people only create video by using their stories and picture to get "LIKES" !
The LIKES won't make you famous and doesn't means that people REALLY LIKE your whatever shit. They were just showing some sympathy to the dead ones. Get it? NOT YOU! are in that video. =0

To always remember him? Pui!!! o0o Take this!
You should not letting him die in the first place. Friend!!!

 Gimme a break!




World Peace


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