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Art Day Fashion Show

It was a few months back event. First time curling my hair (whole) and it end up better than i thought =D

My bangs were poking my eyes! And now again....thinking...should i cut it into bangs again? Advice needed!

Normal make up for the day. No fancy eyeshadow, just eyeliner and natural cross lashes.

All the models. Spot my babe lexxi and mun =D

Pic credited to Jillian and etc

If not mistaken she's a Malay, but she really looks like Chinese! I mean the feature!


Sheena- the tallest girl

Tcmaine aka Charmaine Tan


Lexxi aka Alexandra

Oh shit! I forgot here name in a sudden! BTW, spot her at the latest Mc Chicken tv ads! She's gorgeous. Look at that charming smile~

And one thing you would never know! She's a Filipino.
Me and Alex were shock because she's too pretty and she doesn't look like one! (I'm not racism k!)

Renesha- The organizer

Ashley . Alex . Tiff

Babe Mun and ME!

Tcmaine and me.

I forgot her name too =.=''

That's all for now people. =)

Tonight Bu and I gonna witness our big bro walking into the grave. Neh~they called it marriage. Wedding dinner issss TONIGHT 1-1-11. Gotta start preparing, shall i curl my hair? Bbbbbbut I'm lazy =X





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