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Joshua & Eunice Wedding at Putra Marriott


Its big bro J's wedding on the first day of the year. I've been looking forward today until my neck grows longer and longer like a giraffe. Looking them turning in and out the relationship and finally decided to hold their hands tight to walk in marriage. I always wonder, how many courage it needs to take the steps.

It might be easy to hold our hands when we first started a relationship, then it takes time to fit us in each other lifestyles. To make people stay for every argument, that's the hardest part.
Especially when people are getting stress out.
When we overcome all these, we gonna bring ourselves to the next level- marriage. Then it starts all over again, fit yourself and stay for each other. Those who don't, that's why lawyers are here for you- divorce.

No matter what its gonna be, how hard is the situation, don't say break up or divorce EASILY. You may not know how GREAT and HUGE impact it may bring. Its a STRONG word. How LOVE tie people up easily, it has the same effect to that how BREAK UP breaks people heart into pieces easily too. Cherish the one you love, always. Make sure there's a place in your heart that she can spot herself in it.

Wedding was held at Putra Marriott. It took us SOME time to find it.

Look at theseeee beautiful chocolates. It taste so good like heaven!
Its a double layered choc,hard outter layer and liquid layer inside. Not too sweet and bitter.
Too bad its limited =(

Hair -checked!
Dress- checked!
Make up- checked!

Bad news for the first day of the year. I burnt myself while i was curling my hair. I thought i could save up some time by multitasking- make up in the same time. TOO BAD i failed! So now there's a HUGE SCAR on my cheek!

Pink makes everything prettier!

First time ever saw, this kinda s-t-y-l-e.

60 tables = 600 peoples are here to witness "Happily Ever After".

Annoying by my half-long-half-short fringe.

Before that i was wondering nude brown (they have black which is too common and red which is over vibrant to attend a wedding!) will fits on me perfectly or not, because I'm afraid that it'll makes me look old. Surprisingly, just fine for today =)

Mr Sun

Joshua and Eunice

Soon as they walked in and seated, the performance begin. 24 drums! I used to in love with someone...who plays that too. Too bad, it doesn't last because is a puppy love during high school. Hahah but I'm glad that he found his love now =)

Video of their love story and photoshooting session.

Me like that short mini bridal "gown". At least its easy to manage, you can run, fly kick, whatever you want!

New couple - Mangkali Seng and San San.


I took the chicken wings up and eat with my hand. Oh-so-imba! Yes, chicken wing must eat with hands!

He peeled a prawn for me, like usual =D
Because i would use my hands for chic wing but definitely not prawns.

Basketful of scallops!

Some lotus dessert. Me hate, as usual.

David Hee aka Ah Fung, bad coordination in games. Failed!

Mr Joseph, Mr Patrick, Mr Sam shouting Yam Seeeeeeeng!
We are all happy for our big brother. Opps it should be second brother.

After watching all the videos and pictures. I feel like getting marry too! But i know, if it happens NOW, the answer will always be NO. Too young for it although i do hope that the age gap between me and my child could be lower.

Add on for the day.

Yam Seeeeeeeng AGAIN.

Eunice, lovin her purple gown with black lace. Love love LOVE!
I will get myself one pink and black too...someday...

The dinner starts at 8pm and end at 11pm. 3 hours soaking in this over romantic environment is getting me a little bit insane. Yes, i wanna have this too! OK! Shuddap! Because Patrick and Sam starting to tease me and warn Mr Sun beware of me already.

We went home with a bright smile, talking about how great is Josh wedding, which food is damn imba etc etc in the car. There goes our first day of the year. Sweet enough for me to kick start 2011.

When i was about to walk in my house, he said this to me, "Don't worry too much, I'm gonna marry you when its time, gimme some time." I'm so shock, its like so sudden. I asked " You really plan to take me as your wife?" He said "Yeap, i did thought of it." *fireworks on my head*

I swear i never thought he would say something like that and did really plan for that. Because he's been complaining me alot. Saying I'm too fierce, too crazy, too stubborn, too emo and too mean. Nothing i heard from him was about my awesomeness. Especially when we argue, he would list all these out and triple mention I'M SO FIERCE. And i hafta admit that, i am. Because i don't wanna loose in every single fight. Says who? My mum, sis, him and the most of the previous ex.

Shall end here, my favourite Korean Drama is UP! You people shall watch that too!
"He's Beautiful" --- Go check it out!


Karen lew said...

hey where did u get such a nice gown??? =)

tiffany tan said...

I'm planning to sell it off actually. Just wore once. Interested?

Bay said...

Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (

Bunniesnakie said...

Am interested with your maxi dress. ^_^ you may email me about that. Hope to hear from you soon. XX

tiffany tan said...

bunniesnakie whats ur email add?

Bunnies Snakie ♥ said...
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