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The Most Wanted but Boring NYE 2010

Jeng jeng jeng jeng~ the most efficient post i ever did. This year NYE is predictable, i already knew that I won't be able to see any fireworks and countdown with bunch of people (min 100 pax) like last year because we MUST attend Bu's "brada" pre wedding dinner.

Once I'm done painting (according to my boy that I'm using ICI paint to paint my face =.='') he's here just in time to pick me up. HELLO! Who doesn't wanna look pretty all the time?


He said i look pretty in this picture. Chiu~ICI paint lar.

Every pre wedding dinner style - buffet.

Juicy aka Patrick in orange

My boy looks so tall here. No, he's not short but he looks taller here. =D

Part of the human, some were outside.

Met and talked with BU's buddies. I mean deep talk and sharing this time. Talking about relationship argument solution and tease the boy together. That's fun. Screwed him! They told me some of mua boy secrets =O

At the same time, they tried to light up the flame by mentioning Anna, Jenny blah blah which i know hey never exist. Haaha. Not so much about trust here, its because he already told me the whole Ex's list. Then they get depress and serious talking about marriage. LOL. Talking why Mr J wanna married so early. The guys just don't understand, when a RS last in the same level for too long its not a good thing. Plus they already been together for so long, what to do with age 26 right?

Then Edward ask when are we getting married *jaws dropped*

Surprisingly he answered. "Two years later...when she come back from US I'm gonna picked her from the airport." I'm so shy to hear that but WAIT! Its a joke, must be...must be...
Then the bunch talked about long distance relationship again...makes me even more depress because this is what we concerned about all the time. However, we had planned for it, just pray it gonna work.


After the dinner and meeting for Heng DaiS about tomorrow's plan picking up the bride we went to Juicy's house da gei. My boy bought his Xbox all the way from his house to here and he bought me this game. Harry Potter lego version. Look at the picture *Sweat*

The game was too boring for me, i prefer actions game. Eg: killing, jumping and fighting.

So i quit the game and let the boys continue. I explore Juicy's house. I found... *scroll downwards*
He's family is so into antique (dot) old (dot) ancient stuff!

Tea pot...alot...loads...many...So MANY!

Woodie stool

He'll forget me once Xbox is here.

Then he'll smile to me when he noticed my grumpy face. We just rot here + countdown for 2011. I was tweeting and FB-ing while they're playing, then the clock suddenly sing. Oh its 12.59 turning to 1 am. I'm shocked cause he touched my legs and sing to me his own version  of "Happy New Year" when he's playing game. He's friend also Zadao by him because he paused the game in a sudden and sang in "public".
*Sweet& sweat*

Even the kitchen also purposely renovate to keep the ancient stuff.

After 1am, the high school bunch decided to gathering. So imma just follow and meet the others which i never met before. Everyone said they are not hungry, but all looks like hungry ghost! I definitely understands that, when we are happy we eat alot! 


See! That's why i said is the most boring NYE ever. Bbbut its the most wanted NYE i ever wish for. A gathering (although its not my close friend, but I'm happy get to know more about my dumb boy high school lamest moments), warmth greetings, food and beers, chit chating, laughing.

A night that everyone has a smile on their face =)


shyuan said...

aiks long distance relationship :(

hate that the most, somemore we're from diff countries

tiffany tan said...

Omg! Don't tell me ur bf is in Msia now?!



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