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One fine Tuesday, which is my pathetic college day too. One class for the entire day, 8am-9.30am. Sucks! The good BFF decided to bring me to Levain, finally! I wanted to go there since ages ago but i doubt myself. I don't know where isit located although people who have went there explain again and again to me. Once i reached there, OMG. Its so easy man!

Transform from a banglo.

Decided to wear my pinky pearly winter outfit to match Levain. =D



I like this view from the window so much, minus the cars.

Note: if you only crave for their pastry, go before 11am if possible, because some good bread will sold out really fast. If you only wanna tried their pasta and hot food, go after 11.15am because they don't serve it before 11am.

I reached around 1045am, and see...some bread are outta stock. How long it took to wait for the next batch. Hoho~

Snatch all i can...i hope. Too bad, I'm real picky in this, it must looks good and must had-a-seductive name too.

Too colourful!

Macarons! One for Rm3.60.

So many dessert here! OMFG! But i didn't get any of it, i don't want my tummy to suffer because I'm going for CNY shopping right after this! *heartache* Nevermind, i'll see you soon.

Part 1 meal-
Mix berries juice RM7
Turkey ham and egg Rm3.30
Choc bun Rm3.30

Pssst~don't ever order this drink. I wanna vomit so badly. IDK why it taste weird to me and I'm a berries lover!

Choc/ Oreo lover should try this.
The outer layer they sprinkle Oreo on it and the inner layer choc was just nice. Not too sweet.

And this this this...once i saw it and confirmed its name i already picked it up to my tray. I heard TOO MUCH of people telling me how great it is. So YOU, try this too!

Bow, floral, pink, pearls.

Part 2 coming soon...

Part 2 meal-
Mushroom Chicken Soup Rm6.90
Seafood Pasta Rm 13+

It was too little for 2 pax...i thought...but after the soup...I'm FULL.

Again, i did some research before i went there. I always did that because i just cant let the food fail my day and wasted my money. Loads of people recommended me this. Erm...I'm a fans of mushroom soup, so this i only could say it worth the price because of the amount of mushroom they put in it. The texture was thick and creamy but its too sweet (it makes me put so many black pepper in it) and i don't like it. Still prefer wild mushroom blend mushroom soup but of course, if you are looking for this, you not gonna get it here and the price is much more higher.

The tons of mushroom i meant.

Seafood pasta oh nom nom nom...seafood was fresh and a little bit dried chili flakes added. Me like!


Wanna try so badly? Here you go~

Oh yea~dear readers if you already went there, pls tell me what's nice here too ok? I'm going again...SOON!


JLean said...

Nice one there Tiffany.. Love the food. =)

Anonymous said...

May I know where you buy your blouse? pretty max! =)



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