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First Week College Life At Taylor's Lakeside

College started for a week only. No homework or assignments are given but i already HATE (note: not dislike, its HATE) it so much. Starting this sem, the whole ADP has moved to Lakeside Campus. Everyone seem looking forward and enjoy it so much, i guess I'm the only one who hated it only. I'm a clown! Food there are all so expensive but don't worth the price! WTF! I miss my SS15 pork noodle which only cost me Rm5! Every meal here is a minimum Rm10 (roughly), plus there's a big green monster (STARBUCKS) kept on seducing me. Another 10 bucks gone. Huala! The most horrible thing happened all the time at Lakeside! The car park issue. Disaster!!! So i decided to fuck the rules and park illegally for the rest of my life here. I bet they wont give me a summons. Hah!

Basically for the 1st week, i only attend the first day (Monday) and last day (Friday) only. Now you can feel how fedup am i with this place
 Maybe it wasn't about the place, its about my SUCKY timetable. FUCKED UP!!!
Every MON WED FRI i had 4 hours break.Niamah~without iPhone or Pyramid I'll probably die soon.

Please date me for looooong lunch from 10.10 am-1.50 pm if you gonna drop by or study here, i will appreciate that much =)

All NEW for new semester! And FREE! Lolsssss

Dye my hair for the shooting on Sunday and also new semester. Its FREE because the last hair show i did for Arimino. Loving my colour much!

FREE stationery case from Mr Sun from some product! Like the owl and colour!

Also FREE PLANNER from Starbucks but HEY~i spend more than RM120 for this bloody thing. I used to thought its very special but now i saw everyone is using it in my college. D=

Enough complaining how sucky is my college, let me show you something which I'm pretty amaze.

Payment office which has no difference with bank.

Before payment, you have to get your own number! Duh~

Bbbbut it has wider space and more comfy chair!

Have you seen ANY of these shops in a college/uni? OMFG!

Yes, they are selling iPhone stuff and blah~


Famous Amos =0

This is more incredible! Souvenir gift shop!!!

First meal at Lakeside. B. Station

They served Korea food and some hot dogs.

They called this Kimchi Ramen. Anyway, obviously its a Korean Instant Noodle.
Rm9.50 Pffft~

Friday, i forgot to bring my iPhone to college. FML max! So went Pyramid with friend for movie and lunch. Fully utilized my 4hrs break

Snack before movie.
Cone Pizza! Rm6.90

I tried no.2 because it has 2 thumbs up. LOL and BEEF!

As i said, its a snack, so don't ever think you gonna be full after eating this. But i quite like it, the cone was really crispy and the filling was oh-so-good!

After movie. PEPPER LUNCH! Again i order the same meal- Burger Steak. RM20.90.

Tomorrow, 2nd week of college. *vomit blood*



fai said...

taylor lakeside is cool!!

Janice said...

the owl stationery case I also got! very cute. given by my colleague, from marigold I think.

the cone pizza nice or not? never try le though see it few times already.

btw your college really cool eh! envy~

tiffany tan said...

Fai =.= no it's not!

Janice eh I thought vitagen hahaha. I quite like the pizza eh just I thought it wasn't full enough.

Shiraishi Yuriko said...

Hiie >.< Just passed by ur blog on google when i was finding taylor's blog. Ummm.. I just wanna ask waddya think of Taylor's Courses and environment? Cause i'm still deciding which college to go to >.< So can i have a feedback? Sorry if you don't want you can ignore this~ You can reply me at Sorry to bother you and I'm Christine nice to meet you ^^



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