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Having Love War with that DUMB! I hate him!

I just found that its hard to angry the one you loved.
Even you did, it couldn't last for long.
Yesterday night after the emo phone talk, we hang up and he went out.
I used to wait for his call no matter how late he went home and i have early class tomorrow.

I dint for yesterday. I purposely go to bed early and ask him not to call and wake me.
Stupid me still woke at 4am to see whether his home anot, and saw his very SMS-short message service, "HOME" thats all.
Mad again.

Class at 8am today, i woke at 6am and he called because he used to wake me up for class. I always get late for class, he was worried im gonna get warning letter and stuff so he wake me every morning even though he has to work at 9am.
Once he wake me, he sleep for 3 hour and gotta wake again. Thats suffering...i know.
Probably i would wake at 6am but if you asked me to wake at 3 hours later, no thanks. Its hard! I wont get to hear any alarm calling me anymore.

When he called, i did something bad. I hang his called for twice and message him "im awake". What im doing? IDK.
Just mad at him for that very SMS and i know his mad at my very OUCH msg too.

After class i went to work again, normally he will call me before i work and msg me during working time to kill my bored-ness.
Today...we were cold. He was sick some more and i dont even know it until i saw FB.
Owh~how good is this web function!
I hope to care but i stop cause im mad. Even he did send a few msg to ask me not to be cold and angry, im still mad.

Night came, im awake from noon nap.
Cant stand anymore and he called. A few sweet talk, the frozen heart melts.
How i wish i could angry him longer.
I hope but i cant.

She Just Broke Up

A working friend of mine jus broke up, i get to know this thru her facebook post. Still remember that time we work together at a fair. We took LRT home after the tired day end, we chat about the guys and the boss on our way home. She was sweet at the moment, i can feel that with her smile on her face, but now what i saw were just looking "positive" status update but i can feel her pain deeply even though she said that "the adventure gonna start" and "someone gonna regret". She post a update for every single 5 min. Its hardly to see so in normal day but today, that's already a abnormal act of hers.

Hoping she was fine but it really took time to get rid of it. I know it because i pass thru this. Its hard until you really get someone you really like and his really good. After the last break up, i was upset and depress and met a few guys, i thought i like them but it isnt. Im just desperate for love i guess. So end up, things doesnt work out as i wish a happy ever after. This happen to most of the girls i guess. When they are mad, they made revenge and they get lost with what they are.

Sometime when we broke up, we claim that we've made a mistake for choosing the guy but it isnt. Love is always a gamble right? You wont know it until the day u are dead. Its either u hope to see him break it once u pass your heart to him or after a few years. Things come weird...we hope for a forever in every single relationship but we hope to end the pain ASAP and hope that he or she could broke up ASAP if it doesnt works.

She just broke up and she's working hard to get rid of him. Just like the past or just like you for now.

Im Mad because I Love U

I was mad with him this 2 days. Its not like im those crazy bitch finding excuses to argue with him but what he's doing i totally dont agree with it. Last night we were talking on the phone happily and suddenly, i cant stand anymore and we touch that topic.

His promises like never gonna be real. I was very very mad because i care and im worried of him. Does he know that? What the hell im making myself that mad and emo because of you! If you really did care about our future, you'll do it for me right? You promised remember?

The one who care is always the one who love yo most, like your mom. If she dont, she wont telling me all your shit stuff. We care because we love you!

Go Green Day

Do u guys realise that the movie nowadays is about END OF THE WORLD and asking us to save our world. There is a new movie coming soon name 2012. Its about end of the world too. Why we have alots of movie in this kinda story line? World is in danger!!!

There are some scientist predict that the end of the world date gonna be 12 Dec 2012. What u think about that? I know most of the people wont agree with it, some may even treat it as a after dinner joke but pls no matter what arent we suppose to make the place we stay a better place?

Try to recycle all the thing u could. U guys dont just buy a milk and ask for plastic bag pls. It worth alot if u refuse to use it. Girls who like to shop might can choose to bring alot a trendy recycle tote since we are buying from shop to shop, how many plastic bag u gonna get if u did a whole day shopping? Imagine that!

Here are some shoots i did for the theme of Go Green. Kinda love this theme and happy working with Anson too. Although he paid me but he did not ask me to get tanning under the sun and work like hell. Owh~thx!!! The picture its not showing or posing how i recycle but its about the beauty environment we have right now might be gone...soon or later.


Baby and I have loads of misunderstanding lately and unfortunately we break up for couple of days to cool down especially me. We did find each other that we wanted him/her to be the future but is easy, get along with is difficult. It need alots of communication and patience which i dont have.

After few days cooling down our self, we meet up for a talk because he said he made the decision and he know what he know what he wanted for sure. So...we went to movie again like our first date.

This time we are not buying any pop corn or junks, WE HAVE SUBWAY in the cinema.

Beef steak
A smile before gaining weight.

Turkey ham and breast and also the camera shy guy

Noticed something??? We were wearing the same design...but aint couple shirt. =)
Perhaps, we should

He loved my bag. LOLsss
And i love without bags...

Baby bang his car while he's on the way fetching me. At that moment he bang was just same as the moment he message me. My responsibility he claimed that. Not that serious but...its a big problem too.

Not only me the dependant girl, but it happens to my bag and sweater too XD

With the break light effect, we look super bloody red.
Baby...arent u suppose to drive and LOOK IN FRONT? U just bang ur car rite?

This singlet bought by baby~i wonder if he knows that he got an exactly same shirts as well?
After the movie, baby bring me to his car boot and ask me to press the car key button. I dare not so he was forced to open it himself. I saw some red stuff there and when i can see clearly i found that it was roses!
When i saw the flower he did ask me whether i loved it anot, i just said "wasting money".
I guess he was kinda stunt that time...Hmnnn~
I might be not loving the roses, but I LOVE U for sure. So dont worry with the answer i give and pls no more flower when u made me angry. I prefer pulling ur ears up and down. Whee~!
Thank u for everything...since the day u bump in my life.

He told me that there is 12 roses meaning "i love u". I asked means not forever la (99)...he said if he give it this time then what he gonna give next time? I said "999" XD happy me!

I know that we've been depress and lost for the last few days but im glad that u made ur way back and increase ur patience once again =)
Relationship does not come in a smooth way
We have too many joy and we forgot about the tears we might face sometimes
Not letting it go easily its what the key to success for a sweeter future
Guess i just have to learn more from him
We watch Surrogates today, it does let us understand that love need patience and face the fact tough

He's The Man

Its Sunday morning, baby bring me and sista, mum for dim sum. He thought of going AVENUE K but for me i think YEW LIK is the best!
Here are some of the dim sum's
siew mai and salad prawn

His favourite pai gu and my har kao

Hong Kong style cheong fan

He grab all the thing he thinks that it was suppose to be a bf's job. Istill remember that day i ate claypot chicken rice with him and i did the "job" he was suppose to do, then he told me that "next time let me do okay, i dont want my gf do all this stuff." I was like =.=
The "job" im doing is only taking food for him thru the claypot to his plate. GOSH~
By the way, mum kinda like him and i bet that mum was impressed when
he did something surprisingly that we both never thought of.
What did he did?
So here's the story...while im eating, he suddenly rush me for tissue and i was asking why u need tissue for? He dint answer but kept rushing me, so i hand it to him and he pass to my mum "nah...aunty" My mum stunt for a sec and smile. The way she smile is like "OMG~"
So i guess...she's impress by him.

Later, we went to did some groceries shopping. Mum was blur-ing for selecting light bulb. He give his kind hand for a help. LOL~i was standing beside and wondering "did he really know it?"

Mr Joseph...U seems different today =)

DG Color Model Search 2009---FINAL

Im dieting! Im dieting! Im dieting!
Mr Joseph ask me to eat pan mee in the morning before my DG final start. Gosh~i hate him! Looking at them with the doggie eye and eating taufufa~licinnya! but i manage to get 2sip of it to satisfied my taste bud. Jason and Kevin came along too.

casual wear and designer wear from Raffles
Dinner dress...praying hard that hope i wont get caught with the dress.

SUB academy students. Since the previous experience, i get smarter this time. I make up my own and when i reached there, some of the girls asking me that who make up for me and its nice. I say i make up my own, they were like "no wonder la..."
p/s im not trying to say that my make up skill is so professional, but at least i know what my face suit. THEM? Forget about it! All the girls rush into toilet after done their make up by them, why? Guess u have the answer already.

Joseph and me with his hair do

Ahaha~talking with baby while hair-do-ing
1st session-group catwalk with Soo Wicci singing BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE
This song is written and composed by her when she join MISS WORLD. Google it, u'll loved it!
Well, she's a talented intelligent and pretty gal.

Those Tee is design by our own. Can see that every ladies did put their efffort on it.

2nd session- product catwalk
Every gals nitemare
Picture credited to all the photographer. Thx ^^

3rd session-glamour/casual wear
Mark based on the creativity u present ur outfit and catwalk

After individual catwalk, then came to group pose to see the team work

Comment time
I was pretty upset with what i get. They said that they gonna penalised the mark because i dint attend the shooting they held at Bukit Tinggi and i told them that my grandma was in critical moment during that time. They said "owh, grandma story again" It seems like they dont believe right? Why dont they have kind hearted? Even if u dont believe, u shouldnt said that right? I was almost burst off my tear when they said so and for real my grandma just past away no longer. However, i dint regret that i dint attend the outdoor shoot. At least i did something that i choose and its worthy than this. A competition and a family, which u are in?

Pairing catwalk with Erica
heart this alot! We did a great job!

3rd session-designer wear from Raffles
Love my corset and short puffy skirts =) but its kinda loose for me and the pin all over the skirts.
Sexy Erica wearing half transparent dress...whee whit ;P

Baby came to buy me 100plus during the break
Im nervous and stress all the while and luckily that i have "someone" here for me

Wadzi and me
Love her body proportionate, she got her boobs her butt in well inches XD
4th session-dinner dress

Sally with her bloody red dress

All the pretty ladies in dinner dress...whoa!

Rachel...owh~i loved that dress!
Vinx the singer. Its kinda awkward when u met ur fren there and he was performing while u were competing there. Stress! Thats why i dint ask either of my friend came besides baby said he should came to support me.
Support him as well yeah~his new album is out. GO! GO! GO!
Vinx and Tiffany

Contestant with the POP STAR winner.
Jean babe and me


Prica, Sonia, and Jane
Acting Lady-like
love the blue. When i get thise dress i dont really like it tho, to me it was bulky and the colour look weird on me. Suprisingly the effect came out quite good under the camera. maybe its the photographer technic...LOL
This is what i mean above "when im competiting and his performing".......

All the 13 finalist



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