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CIMB Perfect Livin Fair

AUG 30, 2009

I am suppose to earning money today! Hate daddy!!! He tell me H1N1 is gettin serious and stop me from working. Like that, my money fly away...4 days salary! Damn it! My 600 is flying and i gotta cut down shopping also. Most pathetic part is...he bring me to the place that im suppose to work in and i see my boss there. Opps~heartache la...seeing the sales damn good and my commission also flying away from me. Before went down the car, daddy force me and sista to wear on this!
Hungry us went to the food court at the mall~surprise too see this place. I dont even know that there is a food court in such vintage decor here.

After that...this is the place that i mention above where im suppose to work at!

Surprisingly this time the fair is not only held at the hall but the whole floor and hall are all fully utilize.

After viewing a few furniture, me n sista spotted this and WHEE~!
U thought it was normal? NO NO~

This sofa is decorate with Swaroviski...not tiny one but big enough to shine
tatoo-ish closet...should i? may i? daddy~~~~~~

Sis in love with this little Goldilocks chair but then i tell her she will gain weight very fast. DONT WASTE DADDY money~

If ask me what im gonna replace with the bed time answer is THIS! How nice if i had this beside my bed? Rite gals?

Walking around the fair and this is the part that attract me most. The home~NOT HOUSE...was deco by small tiny hand made furniture. this stuff need alot of patience rite? I wan to have my own collection tooo~but i dont have patience so forget it!




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