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He cares like he said so

Someone promised me that he's gonna bring me for food after heard his friend recommended his to go for mee in 趣台北~ Yums one!
Excited me was hoping to jump inside the car, its kinda hard to find people that love food to the max but i get a bf who love food as well too~

About gaining weight~lets throw this behind for now! Whee whoo~thats why my diet plan always failed.

Mr Sun and his so called Mrs Sun =)

Knitted hand phone protector for him cause he fell his into the drain. Careless guy might lost his gf someday and dont know where and when he did it.

Here we are in Fun Taipei cafe

Small Elmo says "i want some too~"

Here's the beef noodle. I dont really like it. I thought beef they give is those meat, but this are all tendon from beef. Oh gosh~all chewy like chewing gum and wrap by fats but Mr sun love it alot.

He ordered 蚵仔面 which means oyster noodle. I guess SHI LIN still the best to me. We did order taiwan famous sausages too. Yum~the only food in the table.

Cant miss out dessert too right? Snow flake from 100 yen shop. Milk flavour with extra strawberry and chocolate rice~
You guys should go try if u havent. As i know some night market are selling same product too but trust me this is the original one. Those are fake stuff with colouring.

Say HI to big and small Elmo

Was sick for few days, non stop. Mr Sun really take care me alot. Look what he made? Some medicine tea. Although it is not a hard thing to do but at least...he really concern about my health alot. Whenever my face show pain he will always ask me in the first second what happen. I feel sweet after drinking it even though the taste is not sweet!
Mr Sun...thanks and love u always~




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