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AUG 22, 2009

Family day and daddy gonna bring us for dinner again~
But before that he told us that we are going to NILAI Hospital to visit grandma!
DAMN! I dont even know she's in hospital...why? Daddy never tell us about it...sis and me were shock. We were thinking why and what happen to her...

Tiff of the day

In the car for 45min journey...killing time

H1N1 is really freaks her out! LOLx

Daddy never a gentleman, he threw mummy down to buy newspaper for him. Hmph!

When we reach, i cried...Im shock! I never thought of seeing this
My eyes get wet and nose get reddish
What happen to her? No one answer me...silence
She is so thin, her leg i can even broke with my hand, her chubby face is gone, what is left only bones and loosen face and big eyes. Big eyes is not dolly eyes that we usually thought. Is the over losing weight effect at the face and causing the eye get bigger.
She used to scolding kakak alot with #$%^&* but now~she is quiet...breathing with the help of oxygen supply. Im scared but i dont even know what's going on.
Her hair was usually black and now is all silver white and this is because she dont have the time to dye it.
I called her, she look at me...never replied but just staring at me
Its ok, i understand thats why i turn my face back and cried
She used to answer us when we called her and she will ask me why so late havent eat and ask me eat this and that. Now?
Im scared but still no one telling me why...i'll just shup up then

After visiting grandma, its kinda late and we are skipping dinner to supper at KUCHAI LAMA because sis said she wanna eat DIM SUM. Our favourite! LESS OILY STUFF and SMALL PORTION~whee!

AYI, this dim sum shop is well known in that area and never let ppl disappointed with their food. THUMBS UP~
And its located opposite papa rich and beside KK food stall. Go search and EAT it!

DIM SUM of the day~
cheong fan is a must, wu kok, some sort of sushi look fish cake, xiu mai, and my fav tao fu pok!

guess what inside the wu kok? Its not yam! Its filling taste like char siew pau filling and wrap by fried yam. YUM YUM~must try peeps.

lotus leaf rice...mum and sis fav

loh mai kai...daddy and sis fav

crstal clear pinkie har kao....mine! all mine! ichiban~

until now...the H1N1 freak still wearing it




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