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Meet up with the dance freak!

AUG 27, 2009

This two day were busying practice my dance. Have to prepare and choreograph for the talent session. I hate! Assignment all were coming in a bunch and test too! What am i suppose to go first. I prefer sing actually but i dont really good in singing, if i sing idk what the judge like CANDY CHEAH and JOJO will critic. IM SCARED! So i'll just have to dance. I used to dance in my high school time but now...i havent say hello to it such a long time.

Im just too lazy to do it alone, so i need help from Mr. fei!
Before we went to practice we headed for lunch first at Bukit Tinggi Jusco DRAGON-I
EH-HEM~ambiance here is comfortable enough for lazy ppl like me

Dumpling Ramen

My xiao long bao....em-hmnnn yummmmm

Found this big nerdie spec at his car and i started to act like a public area, and i saw some ppl are looking at me...I DONT CARE!

Later then~we move the ass and get our self digest and start to practise!

Oh-LaLa...i love his spec alooooot!

Change up and start~lazieeee day! First...have to stretch and warm up.
Long time no see lo kawan~damn suffer
around 5pm we done with it. Left 8 bars to go. Next week gonna be the day~sick!
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