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He's The Man

Its Sunday morning, baby bring me and sista, mum for dim sum. He thought of going AVENUE K but for me i think YEW LIK is the best!
Here are some of the dim sum's
siew mai and salad prawn

His favourite pai gu and my har kao

Hong Kong style cheong fan

He grab all the thing he thinks that it was suppose to be a bf's job. Istill remember that day i ate claypot chicken rice with him and i did the "job" he was suppose to do, then he told me that "next time let me do okay, i dont want my gf do all this stuff." I was like =.=
The "job" im doing is only taking food for him thru the claypot to his plate. GOSH~
By the way, mum kinda like him and i bet that mum was impressed when
he did something surprisingly that we both never thought of.
What did he did?
So here's the story...while im eating, he suddenly rush me for tissue and i was asking why u need tissue for? He dint answer but kept rushing me, so i hand it to him and he pass to my mum "nah...aunty" My mum stunt for a sec and smile. The way she smile is like "OMG~"
So i guess...she's impress by him.

Later, we went to did some groceries shopping. Mum was blur-ing for selecting light bulb. He give his kind hand for a help. LOL~i was standing beside and wondering "did he really know it?"

Mr Joseph...U seems different today =)




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