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Sis surrender day

AUG 23, 2009

I dont know what happen today and its not any big day...when i came home from gym
This is what i saw! I rub my eyes again and look carefully...for real there is no vege or green stuff on the dining table. OMFG!
After lunch, sis was force to eat guava and she get mad
she never like or love it but besides this, we dont have any fruits in the fridge so this will be only choice for her. If she dont eat it, daddy gonna screw her up. So no matter what face she show to us, she's still eating it. wahaha~

Sis getting mad now~whoohoo!

and now she's getting piss...and surrender by eating all my mum gave.
My sis in few months ago were still little gal...but now~he arm is bigger than me. Can u imagine that? She's only 10 years old this year...pls save her! I dont like to have a fat sis in my house.

Oh~now i get it. Its cleaning day isnt it? Thats why we have so much "chocolate" meat at the table....sick!

Now she's done with her guava...and she's happy back again. Oh~children




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