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AUG 10, 2009

Dino is back from DUBAI. Thankx god~he said during lunch non stop. Even he's earning for 6k per mth for normal job he also decided to let go. Went lunch with him at pavilion ICHIBAN BOSHI. Lunch topic for sure is about his life in Dubai. What i get to hear is food is sucks over there, weather is damn hot and there are no cloud above their head or below the sky. What?!! Cant even imagine that.

When he's back in M'sia, he gain weight. Nah nah~food in M'sia is always the best. Lol~he said that to me weih. It lets me think like i felt guilty to myself lo for not thinking in that way.
My salmon sashimi~serving cold and fresh ^^

A must try in ICHIBAN! IDK whats in there but the combination is so freaking perfect!

GO GO GO~search for it and EAT IT!

If not mistaken its Mushroom Chicken Don i guess...serve with soft shell crab. Yum-mie

I love needle mushroom! Cheesssssse

Fried soft shell crab that come in a set

Tempura sushi, which fried tempura powder with the rice. Hmnnn~

After the lunch, we went for movie. Guess what! Its "The impossible". We regret for watching it honestly.....we thought it was movie but once the show started. GOD~its documentary film which show how weirdo eat fish and chicken which is still alive! NO~im not wrong and u see clearly what i type. Its true. Sickening!
Late dinner time, Sean came by and invite for dinner again. Oh gosh~jap food again, i just cant resist it but this time are not those sushi type. Its more on main course. Oh ya~the restaurant is ICHIBAN RAMEN. They are having great meals which in affordable price during puasa.
Sean a.k.a SHA LIN ordered this:

Fried chicken comes with fried rice set

crispy ones XD

Shishamo~my always favourite

Gyoza i guess its name. Oily one which i hate!

After the dinner, we went to Black Canyon for drinks. Nice environments and of course the drink there are superb! Especially coffee
I have essay to write again. Thx to Sean for helping out with the corrections.

Look how serious he take this

Drink of the day ^^
Blueberry freeze with yogurt and Lime freeze

Look at my blueberry~ THUMBS UP*
Im that kind of person which afraid of fake taste. Like adding too much flavouring but not the origin taste from the real fruit, but this is really good. The taste is real like fresh berry and not too sweet.

Slurrrp~get it like me. CONFIRM ITS NICE~




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