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A Great Evening with Mr. Jason at the Park

Omelette's is my breakfast of the day, serve with onions. Took at around my college when i got nothing to do with so i fill in second breakfast session into my break time.
During evening time, since Mr. Jason is on leave so we went yamcha and kill the time together, 2 is always better than 1 rite? My always lemon tea and his always coffee with water.

In a sudden we headed to the park for nothing...or maybe can say like ESCAPE FROM THE BUSY LIFE?

How sick wearing this to a park! Then i'll be missed out many thing that i cant do. Playing at the playground, climbing here and there and running. Hmnnn~maybe i can, if i dont mind ppls eyesight.

Mr Jason

Nice view right? I cant do many thing but at last i found some that i can.
Snap Snap~chi chiak!

Owh~look at his eye bag. Cute rite? But not on me pls...i just realise my eye bag is growing fast. How to make it disappear? Need advice pls~

Permaisuri Park

Remember Jay Chou "heh heh hah hii~" song? Lol XD

My sandal is not qualified too.

This is what we suppose to wear if we want to do more stuff~

Tai Ci
He just cant stop snapping my picture. It makes us more like tourist than locals

Single and available man waiting fir a date? or TARGETING some one here?

His doing exercise man~dont kidding! We are sports lover XD

Uncle also found us a bit...abnormal i guess~

Believe It is what his shirts say

Believe It that sandal also can be a sport shoes

Now the damn exciting part is here...we went for a stone massage. For ppl who is weak will definitely feel suffer like HIM! every step he take, there shows a awful face expression.
After 10mins, we left. Can say that he give up. He's sweating seriously better not torture him

SEE! That's the reason i let him give up..or else he might be begging me to let him go
Here are some pic taken in front of the nice lake view but dint get to focus it.
He was the guy that never tolerate with me much like other guys did, always torturing me and teasing me from topic to topic. I hate him but this some his REAL FACES. I might be a princess to him but he will never treat me as a princess TOO MUCH~

heart this lotsa~

Similar sandal

I guess not many ppl will know this flower name? Or im wrong?

At last we did had a short run of 400 meter and yeap! Im wearing dress and sandal so do him wearing pants that full with camera and 2 phones. OWH~gorgeous us! SALUTE! After sweat, i feel...excellent~
Home sweet home for now~




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