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No Like Making Decision For FooD!

Heard about the latest game they have in HitzFm? GREED is the name of the game.
What so syok about it? Haha~in case you guys don't know I'm gonna repeat it here again.
They gonna play a song for1-3 secs. How long it gonna plays is depends on you.
The shortest it is, the higher the money you'll win, of course the risk is higher too!

GREED 3 secs- Rm 100
GREEDY 2 secs- Rm 500
GREEDIER 1 secs- RM 1000

Those song are so damn easy man. Even its not, if you hear Hitz Fm for minimum 3 hrs per day, no way you cant recognise the song. Its all current hitto song. But you know calling in is always the hardest thing before you about to win it. LOL

But however there's something you always can get it and be as greedy as you can. LIKE ME!
Food is always my bestie.

Went to check out SHIMINO at Pavilion. Its NEW!
Look how PINK is it~OMG you are so pink, I'm gonna die! *sounds familiar? Despicable ME...MUST WATCH!

They have loads of crepe. And its damn popular at Japan as i saw in the video. The que is freaking loooong!

So many choices and all contain at least one of my favourite, how can i choose, Dammit! Hate decision!

Just tear-off and eat. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Blueberry Cheesecake Flavour and Strawberry add up choc ice cream.

Whats next? You know what...I'm so lucky that i got a few 20% discount voucher from staff over there when i made purchase. Its so much cheaper when Starbucks is in discount! RM12 change to RM9 only! How can i resist it?!

Again the new strawberry frappe and my forever ever favourite CHOC.
I'm so sorry, i cant made decision again. Yes i cant finish it but i always got a back up to make me perfect by not wasting any of it.

If i can have best of both world. Life would be much better.

Imma Happy girl again. XD

Life been great if surround by food all the time. You know...i know...


hEnRy said...

finally the crepe sudah datang m'sia

tiffany tan said...

yea ur place also got edi?



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