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Mua 21st Birthday Dinner With Loves

As usual, baby always the first one who wake up then he'll wake me later. Today he's a little inpatient =(
I open my small little eyes and see he's sitting beside the bed and shaking his hand towards me with a box. *eyes open wider*

I did not open the box, he did. It looks like his pressie more than mine. He show it to me with care telling me "i don't know whether you like it or not but i love it and i thinks it really suits you."

Thanks honey sugar boy =)

Well this year...a cake is not my type for this dumb age which i hate. So a cake in the cup baby prepared. I'm not 21 yet you know, cause i did not blow any candles this year. Hoorah~

Feel so blessed when I'm awake there is pressie, kiss and nice dessert as breakfast.

Baby, can you do that everyday?

Tiramisu =)

Our very first time of 3D movie. Toy Story 3. However i think its stupid to watch that in 3D. Apa effect pun takda. Waste money see nothing. Aduhai~

But luckily the story are touchie and nice. Baby and I talk about our childhood memory and apparently Toy Story is in both of our list. We talk excitedly! That dumb boy even want to get that Woody and Buzzlighyear. home. Its not cheap though...and that Lot-so bear who has Strawberry smell. Im drooling man although his evil. Who has it? I wont steal, but i want to know how is its smell...You know~strawberry flavour bear. Yumm Yumm!

Baby VS Streetwear.

I'm so glad that he's not that into it anymore although sometimes he tend to buy it but he didn't at last. I just don't understand why it cost a bomb? A damn Plain Tee cost you Rm200-600, fucking thorn jeans Rm800-2000 and the very colourful shoes cost eh hem higher obviously.
Girls top got lace, shoes with heels, maxi with floral also don't cost that much man! Of course I'm not mentioning about super high end branded stuff okie.

But anyway glad that he know what's important now. Save money! He know if once he bought streetstuff again we will have politic issue. XD





Its time for dinner with love and family. I'm loving the food the place! You must seeeeeeeee...

Went Ciao the Italy Cuisine fine dining restaurant. I'm loving that place max!

They have this huge area for wedding dinner too. I wish...opps~to early!


The bar

Were planning to order wine but obviously no one wanted to drink it. So we order this. How much? I forgot but its fucking-not-cheap. BTW, its a mineral water...very very pure and imported. They said they don't served drinking water here. SO this is it. Forced to.


Top: Smoked Salmon Salad
Bottom: Cesar Salad
Both salad served with cheese. OMG! Nom nom nom~

Top: Wild Mushroom Soup
Bottom: Seafood with tomato soup base 

Forget what it call. Some Yin Yang sauce with beef and mushroom. *thumbs up*
Different colour sauce in different flavour. Cheesie / Salty

Home made fresh paste.

It might sounds weird to you guys, so do i. I'm wondering whats fresh mean?
As you can see the pasta is different with what we eat at normal days. Kinda like dumpling but its pasta skin wrapping some filling inside. 

Duck breast with orange sauce. *not exact name*
The duck taste like beef. XD

Beef Lasagna.

My first birthday celebrating with baby. I hope there is the future...
I want you..with me...always.



Simon said...

hey fyi... they have this strawberry bear from toy story 3 in Toy'R'Us... well it really does smell like strawberry... hahaha

tiffany tan said...

uh la la~ really?
how much? must be costing a bomb!

Simon said...

didn't bother to rmb the pricing though...

techinically, i just did 3 things

Found.Pickup.Smeeeeeeell (strawberry uhhlala)

Anonymous said...

its IMpatient..NOT inpatient =.= LOL

~*Cassie aka y3n*~ said...

may i know where is de restaurant located?? ^^ its really nice =)



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