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Two Is Better Than One

Mangkali call and yak to me again. Telling me damn sien to be single. He did enjoy single life actually but he hate it when he feel lonely there is no one beside him when he really need it. I bet, most of you do feel in the same way. Even me too!

We enjoy single life, we don't have to inform or even care anyone else except our parents before we did something, never pop out jealousy issue, no worry day and night or day dreaming of him/her. But when you saw someone at mall hand with hand...Awwww~it hurts. I smell something sour from my heart. Especially when you are sick, you hope that there is someone yak you why don't you take care yourself and he's gonna say i take care you better, or maybe console you. When you are in anger, there are someone to let you punch.

Ok, lets get back to the topic.
Its been a hectic week for both of us. He's busying with his work and I'm buried with my assignment. You know, I'm taking all practical subject in this semester, so everything gotta "do it to prove it that you had learn. However, we are trying hard to catch up each must-watch-movie as much as possible every week.

This week, we aim for SPY NEXT DOOR. We reach Mid Valley at 11am but hell the GSC counter is already long que. So we switched to GSC Signature at Garden's.

After bought the tickets, we went for brunch. Honestly, we don't normally eat brunch or breakfast together before i guess. He don't eat too early and i wake too late or i skipped it. Today, Bubu suggest "Why not try Toast Box?" "Okie!" i answered. I saw they serve "real" traditional breakfast. What's that mean?
Teh, Nasi Lemak...

(clock wise from top) PO LO BUN, Peanut Butter with Chocolate Thick Toast and Kaya Butter Toast.

Loads of carbs and starch in it. That dumb ass order that much. I want chocolate and he wants peanut butter so end up, mix! I don't like peanut butter la, so even it has a little choc on it. No way! Seriously that Po Lo Bun and Kaya Butter not that nice. Cant even compare with the coffee shop. The butter is served in liquid form not hard enough. When i bite on it, it leak and cause a mess. For me, a nice toast or Po Lo Bun should be served in cold hard butter, so when bite on it we wont feel greasy but syok!

A little walk after brunch for digestion then its time for MOVIE!!!

Miley Cyrus bf is here too! OMG! *blush*

How spy cook breakfast with spying equipment...bacon and toast.

Movie were funny and a bit touchie. Love that twist at the end of it. But wasn't that perfect. I cant laugh to the max. It was just "hahaha" not "wahahahah". You got me? Everything was funny, but was just a short period and not enough.

After movie, Bubu and I decided to go for Carls Junior. It was our very first time. We were not that hungry plus heard most of them said it was HUGE, so we ordered one set only.

Around 20 bucks and here's our Beef Bacon Set in medium size.

My boy =)

Okay~gotta admit its not that attractive from that look but its damn nice!!!! Bacon and beef *thumbs up up up*

It doesn't look big right? (scroll down)

Its the size of my palm add a few inches of finger, what say you?

Besides the burger, i really like their fries! It comes with skin, me likey! It just like baked potato. Besides that skin, its important to be 100% potato. In case you don't get what i mean, go buy 1 small packet fries from McD and taste both of them. You will know~

Oh ya~instead of adding salt, i prefer pepper.

When i ate messily you will wipe my mouth automatically.
When my hand is full with sauce or oil, you will wipe my finger by finger, nail by nail.
When my bunny tooth stuck with pepper you will dig it out, i felt kinda paiseh but you always told me its better to let you found out first than others did.

I love the way you treat me.

I love you.

Pooooo~i think i did something really cruel at Thursday. I wish it never happen or maybe i could soften my heart at that moment. I never thought that push could let you fall from the stairs and never never thought of i could just stand and stare adding a little help but i never said anything after that. I was angry at you and i feel guilty at the same time. Mind is fighting, messy! I'm sorry i couldn't tell you face to face at that time and now.





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