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GDI. I'm surprise that i saw Ashley comment at my Cbox, so she said that she just updated a post that related with shoes. Okay, new update! I read...till the end. She wrote, "I am very curious about what shoes you have Tiffany, Yasmine...etc." Is that a tag I'm wondering. If it was really a tag, it would be the best tag ever. At least better than those 100 truth about myself right?

It isn't a mission impossible know~just like after you tried your cloth before outing and kept changing until you get the right one. Imagine how many cloth has separate with their hangers? So when shoes being display like hers and is separate with their box. And sad case is, i don't have a lovely sis like her. Who can help her to re-arrange after that. Perhaps, i will train my sis start from now. Will do that "Shoes" post once I'm free =)

No worries. Getting excited!

Review back the past year, each media must be announcing every kind of "10 MOST" : "10 most happening international news" "10 most best athlete" "10 most fashionista" "10 most famous model" "10 most worst outfit"......

All this of "10 most", here and there...just reflect back to us like we cant wait of throwing the old shadow and welcoming the new ones to arrive. Just like how we cheer at Dec 31st 11hr 59min 59sec.

As what I've found out through chit-chatting with the babes, hunn and bitch. I got this result of 10 MOST WANTED GUY. But this 10 types of guys characteristic could be happen all at one guys body! Actually, this "10 most' were only what women design out from their mind. Many men recalling back their history of being dump only realised that they cant even step in a feet of certain sports, industry etc.

Its time to READ this and DO SOME HOMEWORK for 2010!!!!!!!!!

No. 1 Athlete

Women who take man to compare with artist, model should be hanging up to shoot, but if we took them to compare with the athlete, it is MORE THAN REASONABLE, although this may lead all the men to suicide. Drama do teach us, die doesn't solve anything, women requirement are simple---a body that able to show his "little brother" when bathing, a shoulder is strong enough when you lying on it that wont causing bone cracking, a hand that doesn't like 20 years did not do housework to hold, a face that wont turn greenish after 2 floors to climb up; all this is not hard to understand and acceptable right?

No.2 Designer

Well, this picture doest mean that i want you to be like Tom Ford and that's a bit ridiculous because you will never be. If a man art cell pathological changes, the only arts he had drawn is on the toilet wall, movie that he often watch is Independant Production A-movie......mother kind women maybe might still giving him a chance to change---at least he has to have a taste of titsie fashion sense.
No money for PRADA? Also cant end up dressing like PANDA!
Don't know mix and match? At least know what is simple is nice!
Having serious colour blind? At least learn to match with black and white.
You could be in slipper and shorts, but please don't look sloppy.
Can be casual, but cannot be "simply" simple.
Never shines, at least be clean.
No style, at least don't collect 10 style in one you.

No.3 Artist

When man past 30, body "growth" once again happen all the time. Kindhearted women might forgive man only own one abdomen muscle which is very big different with what you saw on Rain's body. But we can't accept you guys only own fats! Women hope his man could have a little arts sensed. Even though he's a vendor, driver...etc. She still hope that he will watch movie with her, if better...she hope that he can talk about music with her; if possible, drawing, photography, mold pottery, mouch better...everything he has to know a little.

No.4 Captain

Don't think that only man addicted with cosplay, women too. Doctor, lawyer robe is already past tense for us, you should surprise us with some magnificent army attire or perhaps captain! Women will hold in deep respect when they saw your epaulet. Its like inside that fitting attire wrapping one stainless steel strong body. Women who lost in earth, they need you to guide them.

No.5 Chef

Women like to see guy wearing apron walk in and out of the kitchen, just because of that lovely dovey breakfast for US. Just in case you guys doesn't understand this, try to imagine why you Japanese man love to watch chic wearing apron but its ONLY APRON to cook for them. Different song but same concept. Women already has natural immune system on roses but cant resist a man who cook for her sincerely. This type of women is superb clever, they know that what they eat into tummy will always better than what it shows. 2 people shop for groceries at supermarket are always more practical and reliable than 1 people sneak to the florist and ask for help.

No.6 Baby Sitter

Chinese quote "Able to enter the kitchen and step out to the hall." This sentence in today, has change to able to take care of the kids at the parlor, accompany kids to grow up together. Guys who put their job at no. 1, if you are thinking to build up a family with modern women, you must be mentality prepared to be a baby sitter. Money ain't all, hired maid isn't impossible but only working non stop till no time for wife and kid is a big NO.

No.7 Clown

Women who smile look prettier, man who amuse women smile get more handsome and charming. Making people smile is a kind of profound knowledge or skill. Who ever who had this ability, also had the ability to get a women too. Uglify yourself, is the highest skill among it. Mouth could be your whole face, in the era of initiate idiocy, playful, interesting, acting as clown, play with mean language---Jacku Wu (host of GUESS GUESS GUESS), still surrounding by bunch of women has he's own reason. You got me now?

No.8 DJ

There are so many women who earn a living with their mouth in this earth, man who depend on ear to cheer women up are so little. Many women hope that they had a DJ kind of boyfriend, can accept her call in anytime, lend out his ear for her dumping in rubbish. This kinda man could let her yak as much as possible she could but he would not counseling her later. Women know that undesired sound will cause pollution too. Her mouth is enough to turn the earth upside down, he doesn't need to join.

No.9 Professor

Since when Obama become professor? IDK, but if he was...i will raise my feet to be his student and score straight A's to be his favourite student. *smile evilly*

Not all women love to see monkey swinging around, Myna learning human language, like inspire lesson, but the one who love to go library still existing. 24hours keep boiling unhealthy Tv Shows also will turn my tummy upset, once a while watching National Geographic or Discovery will remind us that we did study before. Man whom full with knowledge just like a meal which contain balance diet that full filled your daily needs. Hey guys, you will feel awkward when your girl ask you a question but you kept quiet because you had no idea right?

No.10 Killer

Grim, is another reason who let women die for. When fire almost caught on your eyebrow, a man who dressing all black fall from the sky and save the women. The cruelest killer could pull out all the thorn from her body. That speechless, only eye contact and pigeon flying madly scene, will let women become intoxicated with that smell of danger. She imagining that she's one of the actress inside the tragedy heroic movie, killer will drop his first tears drop for her. LMAO.

*beware. this post added too much self imagination. oppsie doopie
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