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Thank You Siren and Blup Blup for the invites.

I've been craving for this ever since i watched its trailer. No joke! Those guys were amazing. I salute the way they live and rob!

One for me, one for him.

Its dinner time and this is the boy favs- Little Penang Kafe! Sometimes i don't get it why is he paying this price for hawker food, but somehow i gotta admit the quality is guaranteed. Unlike some hawker center, you need to give a few try only manage to get a good one.

All black. His specs nice boh? Lau liang who pick this geh, but the mummy doesn't agree with me. =X

Ewwww...i hate prawn noodle alot! ALOT!

What's guaranteed? See that?

Incase you don't get it, its not about my boy, its the newspaper behind.

I hate people doing this to me while I'm having PMS. So F it, i eat it. No regrets! Don't learn from me, its no good and i got karma-ed.

Sometimes i think...i like nasi lemak so much is because...the EGG! Telur! And a little bit of Kuah Rendang.

Super thumbs up Curry Noodle. Its too pure for a curry i know, but this is before adding the curry paste and that is the essence of the whole thing.

Movie time. I just cant wait to watch it. Its a free seating anyway, although i collect my tickets quite late but as long as i reached the cinema earlier, i can has a nice seat! There's pros and con in it ofcourse.

Takers! Means robbers, they take from others. Who's my favourite guy....em...front row ALL. Heheh

Look at the life they had, i must say its pretty tempting. But with the things they do, i would prefer in movie rather than reality.

The flower boy- Hayden
Don't ask me why i named him this, i just felt it in that way. Might be influence by Flower Over Boys Korean drama too much.

TI. Omg his black and i liked it! I'm not racist, its just that i liked the way he talk, he act...all of it!

One of mua fav! comment.

Overall the movie was pretty good and i almost had heart attack for worrying too much they might get caught by the cops. FML. It seems like I'm helping the bad guy. A bit disappointed because the best part of the movie was shown in the trailer, i was expecting for more duh!




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