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Xplay Shout! is over, now get ready for SHOUT AWARDS!

Hello peeps! Hows your weekend going? How many of you did attend Xplay Shout event at Library eCurve last Saturday? This event is all spam on my twitter timeline. Imagine that! Most of the people are going!!! If you are not you better make yourself available for this coming weekend because its going to be HUGE. Its the SHOUT AWARDS and its gonna held at Bkt Jalil! Sounds grand huh?

Was invited to attend the event as VIP guest. Oh la la~ 

"Got X, got it ALL"

*pic credited to

Crowd stuck at the main entrance.

But being a VIP you get to walk in without queuing. That's the benefit. Most of the party-goers get frustrated before they party just because the que was so freaking long! And it affect your party mood from ON to OFF. So you should go get yours too by just following simple steps!

That's not ALL! Most of the event do give VIP FREE FLOW ALL-NIGHT-LONG! Or else you might need to dig your own pocket for some drinks...unless you super jakun bringing your own water bottle. I would do that bbbbut only at restaurant.

Crowd and fans was too hyper and i cant even squeeze in! Forgive me with all these not-so-focusing picture.

Ahhhh~free flow imba-kan?

Not much picture was taken because its packed with human meat! Digging my camera out is consider as a mission. So before i leave, glance through the crowd once again!


Are you ready for SHOUT AWARDS?

Put your hands up! Put your hands up!
I'll be seeing you there lovelies...grab your ticket with any possible way you can before its too late!





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