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The Most Memorable-Happiest-Suffered 9th Mthsary

Finally i get to blog about this. The picture were stuck in someweher else and i just got it back recently. Anyway, it was 3mths expired post.

Here we up, Genting! 2 days 1 night trip.

Bu been nag by his mum to attend self motivation camp, so he drag me up with him as well because it falls on our 9th monthsary. I'm excited! My mind cant stop thinking about the casino because i just turned 21!!! Was telling bu i die die also must go in and he agreed, anyway he's such a good boy.
It was his first time also. LMAO!

When we went in, it was horrible! Uncle were staring at us, because we were staring at him also. We were curious how that games work because we don't understand why is he kept on inserting Rm50 NON STOP!

People there is so unfriendly!
Okay, forget about the sucky casino incidence and get back here.

Our clothes for 2 days 1 night.


Very simple. Pyja, polo tee and t-shirts. Anyway the thick book below its my magazine. My bag has no space for it. FML!


I'm a girl, don't gimme that look please. I know i bring too much. I brought cold weather and warm weather clothing each 2 sets and pyja. And a big big toiletry bag with shampoo, body wash, cleanser, lotion and much more.


Waiting at the lobby. We reached there earlier, boring...iPhone is the best solution.

Wait until bubi also fall asleep =(

I'm loving the weather here. Once I'm back to KL, i can feel the HUGE difference!

We got a room nearby Gotong Jaya but we wanna go Genting so badly so this room is wasted but it was included. We spend and get a room again at First World hotel.

The first day wasn't that tiring. We played some games and did some stupid thing (according to us) infront all the people. According to them this would be useful for tomorrow course. Me and bu literally did so many things that we really felt that we had become a clown. Like singing with bunch, shake hand telling people around you "You are the best!" OMG! *shy*

The shittiest part is you have to reveal yourself. REAL DEEP! Telling your group member the most unforgettable saddest moment you had before and let them console and motivate you. Most of them talked about the family. Bu was in another group, i keep stalking him wondering what he's gonna tell his member. Anyway it so fun to see Bu enjoy talking with others and he's having fun!

After the course, it ends kinda late around 10. We rushed back to Genting and bath.
My wet hair look. =0
As you can see, i don't even have time to dry my hair. Hahahah


After the casino trip we went for a drink.



2am and we gotta wake at 6am and rushed back to Gotong Raya joined back the camp. FOL!


Guess what! We managed to had our breakfast before we head down. Awesome! But the breakfast there i a bit disappointing. Not much choice tho, what is shown here is what hey had there =(

Bu had 3 big plates of Nasi Lemak. =0


The group that i mentioned earlier.

Tea break. Finally~we are so exhausted!!!

Look at our eye bags! I never see bu with that HUGE eye bags before.

Cant really express much our experience with words. But we really learned alot through this trip =)




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