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T-Bowl Concept Restaurant

Dining inside the toilet. Have you tried before?
If not mistaken, the idea was from Taiwan and its in Sungai Wang!
Coming soon...Sunway Pyramid!


Decor and surrounding

Sink as table

Opps! Someone is poo-poo-ing




My Oreo Chocolate

Never ever ordered this i warn you! If you are a chocolate addict, this fail you kaw kaw! I never tried such sucky chocolate drink before you know! Lets say Starbucks chocolate is 8/10, this would be 1/10.

Bbbbbut the cream and oreo still good =P

Korean Kimchi Soup
Erm erm...2.5/5

Concept restaurant concept- food doesn't have to be good, but the idea! LMAO

After all the sucky drink and food...
Finalleh! I got this which i think is the best of the best! It taste like heaven, ice cream is smooth yet not too sweet too.




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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