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Merdeka Eve 2010 at Phuture

Whoa! August post is UP! I don't know why, it could be so late. Maybe because i used to follow my feeling and post things up. Merdeka Eve that day, me and bu went out for movie date. Forget what was its name, but i know its about the future world, people don't live with real organs but machines! Once they cant pay the debt, the agents will collect back their organs and leave them dead. All of this is LEGAL!

Anyone know what was the name of the movie?

Eye infection =(

After movie me and bu went to Phuture joining my babes and college mate. Why I'm here is all because of em! I like to hang around in club but the smoke was always a no no for me.

However, someday like today is an exception.

Green is HULK

VK and me

Hoyin and me

And their friends.

Sun is his name =)

Pic below credited to

Her cam pic is always so vibrant! Like the colour tone so much!

Messy fluffy hair. Now i finally realised why bu gimme "fluffy" as my nickname! Is because i dont comb my hair and messy all the time. =0

But don't get it wrong! I have smooth and silky healthy hair although it looks messy. My hair smells good too! I dare to said this because bu smells my hair very often. Especially when I'm beside him. I noticed that a few times, i asked him why he said "your hair stinks!" Come on! Who gonna do that if my hair stinks?

Besides bu, one of my high school class mate, Kien Fai. He gets very sensitive whenever i sat besides him (i used to change seat often at class). He said my shampoo smells so good and he hates me because of that. He said i try to mengoda him with that smell. LOL

With Karmun

Loving my short red nails, lashes and LBD (little black dress) on that day.

Finally i manage to dig my cam out

Bu kinda piss on that day. I get tipsy and he hates it! Eventhough he's besides me. =0

I talk randomly, act stupidly, walk and fall. Hahahahah~

There's one time, i went for a FREE beer session at Friendscino with college mate. He get so pissed! He said he don't like i drink. Is not about getting drunk! Is about the alchohol. I'm not suppose to touch it no matter what. OMG!

He's showing me that unhappy face all the time while we were at Zouk =(

Home sweet home time.

My eyes is getting serious. Its spreading!

Another week passed! Final in two more weeks. Holly shit! Where's my book?




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