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Petronas "The Road To Rewards" Launch

Petrol cant seem to get outta my life. I need it to keep my car survive. College student faced this all the time. But now if we get to spend on petrol and win win WIN back the amount we spend or more.

Do you want that? *wink

Few weeks ago, Petronas had launched a new campaign. *excited

Its "The Road To Rewards" Campaign, so get ready to surf the biggest wave of rewards!!!


Just spend Rm30 or purchase a Rm10 Mesra Combo Pack, you'll stand a chance to win Rm3 million worth of prizes or get spotted to participate in Kedai Mesra Shopping Spree.

30x Grand Prizes

3x Rm100,000 + 1 million Mesra points
12x Rm20,000 + 1 million Mesra points
15x Rm10,000 + 1 million Mesra points

565x Weekly prizes

5x Rm10,000 + 100,000 Mesra points
5x Rm5000 + 100,000 Mesra points
555x Rm100 + gift card

Contest ends 15 Feb 2011


Stephanie . Tiffany


"Human Mountain Human Sea"

Tiffany . Ceddy

Mesra Shop Shopping Spree Contest...Ready 1,2,3...

Jeff from MyFm- winner

Jeff with me.

The campaign was launched at Ampang Petronas. Later on, we headed to G-Tower Tanzini for some awesome food session. Just for blogger =)
Its free food again. (jakun-nya)

Tanzini reminds me of tangerine. I guess its because of the orangie colour.

The Outdoor!

Malaysia's traffic is "AWESOME"! After 6...

The night view over here should be pretty romantic, i think...

I hafta nag again once i saw my long hair picture. I miss "her" so much!

Black and white.

Orange and black.


If not mistaken, they were beauty bloggers.

Bloggers from Advertlets and Sirens

Eric Yong...i love to gossip with him...about FOOD! We are food lover!

I noticed that most of the bloggers i met were using smartphone. Either BB or iPhone.

Had this drink once in Cafe 69 or 99. Cant remember, but it was real good! Now i met it again.
Its faith!
Pina Colada w/o alcohol
With coconut, pineapple, whipper cream etc mix together.


Wild Mushroom Soup

Ceddy call this as cow's meal

Starter - Duck Breast Salad with orange sauce

Using my heart to taste the food.

Soft shell crab

My Baramundi Fish. Those beannies that serve besides is really NICE!

Steph's Lamb rack. OMG! Just nice and tender!

Ceddy's pasta.

Eric's pasta with PRAWN. HUGE one!

Besides Salmon, i don't really or rarely eat fish in western restaurant like this. But Baramundi and Cod fish is always IN-MY-LIST. Go check it out. Incase you don't want to try it at Tanzini, maybe Bubba Gump. I've tried it, and its imba!

FYI, Dory is just some cheap fish you can get it around Rm1-3 for a big piece that bigger than your foot. Go check out how much is the restaurant selling. LOL
Its not that its tasteless, but i just don't feel that its worth the price.


Cheesecake recommended by the waiter there. The berry on top supa fresh! Opps forget to tell ya the white snowy ball beside is a COCONUT SORBET. =0

Choc cake


Yknow what...girls like dessert!

Thank you Sirens and Petronas for the invites =)


Last...i love my hair. I DO! =(




World Peace


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