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Hennessy Artistry 2010 at MIECC

Was supposed to get this post up yesterday, but my eyes failed me. I bang my head to my laptop while uploading these picture. Sho sleepy~

This post reminds me alot about my waist length hair! Hmph! Okay, maybe i should stop thinking, complaining and nagging.

Before the party, daddy invited all the family member to a restaurant at Damansara name Extra Super Tanker just because he booked two fishes there. Not really a fan of fish but i know the price cost a bomb. After the dinner, daddy send me to MIECC and meet my bunch!

Make up of the day!

No fancy eye shadow because i heard it will cause wrinkle! I think a pair of nice lashes and good skill of drawing your eyeliner is enough. Btw, i didn't even apply lipstick or gloss. Sometimes I'm afraid that i might ate it or it will turned my natural lips colour to chocolate colour. Stupid but its better if i prevent it. LMAO

Dress checked! Hair checked!

Owh my baby darling bu makes me felt guilty, he's wearing our promise ring bbbbut I'm not. Only the ring he pressie me for our 100 day.

Cant stop laughing when i look at this two pictures. Bu's promoting Hennessy!

As i told you earlier, we are gonna partay with 5k or above party-goers! Those dark shadow at the bottom is all HUMAN!

*pic credited to karmun

Mizz Nina on stage!

Went up to O zone and me and bu decided to crash the bar at normal zone. He said O zone was to troublesome to get a drink. Hahah~agree! Because you need people to serve you. But here, we can take ourself right after we finished our drink!

Starting with Hennessy Apple. Sweetilicious

Ready or not, here you go! Its FREE-FLOW (except for normal passes)

Ohsuuuum picture by karmun.

Kardinal rocks with one of the party-goers who won the dance competition.

After a few drinks, i left bu with his meat gang and head to the stage to have a clearer look at Kardinal!
Everyone is getting high!

Thumbs up up up!



Miss Vit came and join us at the car too! Hahah!

And my boy, no matter how far or how long i left the bar, he will still be there. Owh, don't you think he's waiting for me, look at his hand!

Dawn the pretty babe.
She come all the way from Singapore to KL. I know its near but if the party is not that excellent, would you do that?

Stephanie Sun aka Joseph's Sister is finally here after the long wait!

Darren aka Stephanie's boyfie 

VK and me

And my loooong wait honey miss Karmun! Been searching her up and down at O zone but got her at the bar in normal zone.

Mister Joseph Sun

Miss Sheena! The hot model i met on art day fashion show.

The Sun's member. XD

The glass never stays away from him.

Miss Vit

Heheheh~my "booooosssss" Simon So

After don't know how many glasses we ALL had, its time to hit the washroom. We left the bar in bunch, so it benefit people who stress their hand to reach the bar behind us. LOL

Again with the big HA board


Seng in solo.

Me and Sun

Tipsy Darren

Stephanie Sun

To be honest, i don't remember i took this picture. =X

I must say Seng and Darren is a bit...drunk!

Seng is trying to pinch my boy nipple. True story!!!

And this, I'm stoned. A guy bought his iPhone over showed me my profile picture ask whether that's me
and request for a picture. =X

Hahha! Bu went over and introduce himself. Wow oh wow because during normal days he's anti social species.

Picture below credited to Stephanie's iPod Touch.

p/s picture quality is a bit low

Favourite picture of the day!

Hmnnn~and why my teeth is yellow here. I mean neon yellow like highlight.

Darren is NOT OK!

Hennessy rocks!

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