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Hennessy Artistry Press Conference 2010

Had yummilicious at Canton-I with babe Karmun during our break time. Bringing satisfied face heading to HA press conference. Woots! Thumbs up for the egg tart there. About the food i will blog about it like...soon heheh! Now, THIS is important! Been busy with jobs, midterm and assignment lately. I only get to sleep 2-3 hours per day. Major FML!

My hair show ended on Tuesday. Oh wow! From waist length...i only had breast length now. My hair is with strawberry and ash brown colour. Yeah! They darken my hair colour! Cant wait to show you peeps!

2 midterm done. I had 18/20 for my World Religion subject, the other is still unknown yet. What a WOW! Baby was encouraging me and accompany me to study, and yeah he said I'll get FLYING COLOUR result. I DID IT BABY! ADP is harder as i thought. People will normally get a B for 70% but in here it was only a C which mean ngam ngam pass. Surprise huh!

Reached and saw these...popping in this in 4pm? Not for me but some did =P


Awww...i miss my hair now but i never regret for doing so. =)

Karmun and me

Host for HA press conference

We've been waiting so long...just for this! All the artists~

Mizz Nina =X

Dj Alex Dream

All guys favourite, eh hem hem!


My prince charming!


Again my prince charming. Yea, i kinda like guys with small eyes. Tee Hee~it just so cool for a guy to have small eyes. Like Rain? =D

Kardinal was so tall till.......Aisha....

Kardinal's Crew with @lovedbymun

@TheCeddy with mie

Miss Vitt, Kar Mun and me

Added Simon So!

What i like about Kardinal is he don't show you "I'm famous, stay away" face.

Opps! They serve food too!

The best of the day! Meat ball! love love!

The guy over there recommended us this. But i still prefer Apple =)

Apple Berry Citrus...A.B.C

Simon So with mie =p

With Kardinal

2 Media pass for each of us. =D
Loving my satin pink skirt!

They said "All bloggers, picture please."
Like Feeqsays and Simon So said, we are all united. Don't we?




World Peace


Since I Met My Sun-shine

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