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Girl Burnt To Death at Jalan Cheras-Kajang

Do you read newspaper often? Or do you update yourself thru online news websites? I don't but unfortunately i did today. I was bombing my sound system in my car while I'm on the way home after facial. Those jam really annoyed me especially after i had such a great relaxing session at Dermalogica.

Following Hits FM beat all the way home...
In a sudden, i heard JJ's voice (i guess) informing about this case. I was like WTF! Then i decided to use my info website to gather the news once again. FYI, my greatest helper of all kinda problem---FACEBOOK. Yes, i did all my survey, advertise earning and some of my assignment using it. Cant denied that I'm having nearly 5k friend which people might thought I'm nuts to add them while i don't know them at all. But to me they are all brilliant! Each of them are talented.

This accident happen at Jalan Cheras-Kajang (flyover of Bulatan PPUKM arah Kajang) involving 3 cars Myvi, Toyota Vios and Huge Lorry.

Believed that Vios was driven fast and loose control crash to the opposite road where Myvi was coming from. It hit to the lamp post and causing badly injured of the driver and his female companion.

If you thought that this was terrible, please don't scroll further. It will be worst than this.

Vios driver was believed driven by a male in age of 17 and his female companion was 24. Based on document that found, they were assume to be stylist.

Vios hit Myvi and made it spin a few times and then hit by a three-tonned vegetable lorry from behind and burst into flame.

The women was trapped inside the car screaming for help but she couldn't escape from her car.

Lorry driver was unhurt and the couple were send to the hospital after that.

What makes us all raise our anger? According to the first witness, he was the first badge to arrived the scene. He went down the car kept calling 999 and run to the Myvi. He heard that a girl screaming inside and slightly burnt. He drove to the BHP petrol station which is 500 meter away.

He request a fire extinguisher from the the attendant but they keep claimed that the door cant be open and cant be borrowed.

According to the was his post at FB. (now you know how great FB are?)
Note: it was a copy paste job 100% from him.

This morning approx 3.20am, at Cheras Tmn Pertama roundabout, saw a freak accident, involving a Vios, Myvi and a Lorry. I'm one the first badge who arrive, mean it just happen maybe seconds ago. Vios believe to be turtle and badly damaged.
When I'm passing by the vios, rear passenger started to pull out the front driver and front passenger. Then when i pass the Myvi, the car was totally sardine. Heard one girl was yelling cos piined inside. I stop my car then run towards the myvi to offer a hand while calling 999 emergency line to request for ambulance and bomba.

then saw fire spark at the engine bay of myvi. while still on the phone with emergency line to provide more details, i run back to my car and drive to BHP station which is just less than 500m away from the scene.

then i request for the fire extingusher from the attendant which is kept inside. There was 4 extingusher on the ground. But the attendant refuse to pass to me.

the BHP attendant claimed dat the door cant be open.

then i shout at him, i need it! i want it! someone is pinned inside the car and its started to burn!

then the BHP attendant keep repeating he kenot borrow and open the door.

then i was like WTF! if ur kiosk is burning can u come out? then he replied yes.

then he still say he kenot open the door. Then he say his boss wont allowed to borrow. WTF!!!

then i started to amuk kicking the kiosk and punching the glass of the kiosk.

i even throw my IC to him say that if im dun return u report police.

i saw i borrow.. if i use it i will pay for it. then he keep on just smile at me.

then he ask another partner to come out. Then i start shouting and yelling at them with bad words saying dat if the girl dies you two are the murderer.

then the 2nd BHP attendant shout back at me.

i demand for their names, i told them i would complain bout them,

then the 2nd attendant copy down my number plate and said that all my acts been recorded on CCTV and he gonna report to police tumoro. I challenged him.

then i drove off back to the scene.. the car was totally burning and the poor girl was burn alive inside.

then i spoke to the Bomba and PDRM how many casualties was inside. they told me one girl.

Then i spoke to PDRM about the incident happen in BHP.. then the policemen also scold with anger WTF with them.. if i could get the fire extingushier.. the girl might be saved.

then the Policemen ask me to go police station to report a cover about the BHP, and he assured me that the stupid BHP wont get to report on me.

Personally i would like to ask, how much does 4 fire extingusher cost? isit more expensive than a life?

would like to ask the BHP petrol station's boss! u cant afford to lose 4 fire extingusher then u better closed down your station!!!! Fuck you boss!!!!

and this is to BHP MALAYSIA!! seens your procedure to keep all safety gadget inside the kiosk... if anything happen during refueling... is your attendant gonna open the door to help? seens he claimed that the door cant be open after hours??


i personally from now on will boycott BHP... i dont know how about you all!!!

gonna give BHP HQ a call tumoro... see what the fuck will they say about this kind of safety measurement they have!!!!!

for the two BHP attendant!!! you are the murderer!!!!!
Why makes all of us so angry of BHP? Is because they are cold hearted to end a girls life that could be save by just lending a fire extinguisher which cost nothing to them. By i have a different view of this case.
Why blame BHP? Do read it again! It was happen at 3am man, i believed that the attendant there were told and order not to open the door no matter what. Don't you guys know there is loads of robbery happen before that makes most of the petrol station closed at 12am? They were just small employee, and i believed that they are foreign labour. They hardly survived with the salary and do you think they have the guts to be responsible if anything happen? To them, the boss is everything i assume.
What they were thinking about at that moment was...this guy might creating some kind of fantasy to rob them. So what's so huge about that IC and Car plate? It could be fake (as you know how canggih is Msia technology), so why must they care?
Why must we boycott BHP (I'm Shell loyal customer) when the accident is not created by them? Blame those fuckers who speed! Of course, it was a problem that BHP workers did not lend their hand to save the girl's life. But they got duty on hand. How about the fucker in Vios? Is his responsibility to speed and crash to opposite road?
Why must the girl in Myvi pay for his fault?
No one should pay for others!!!
Hope to hear from you guys that who we shall blame and your point of view.
Comment please. =)


Anonymous said...

yes, what u said is right. But even if they are a foreigner labors, wouldn't they take a gamble on it to lost the 4 fire extinguish which might savea life...I have low salary but I don't mind to pay and buy another 4 fire extinguish to pay back the company if that is the case that the guy is a robber, because it was 50 50...what if it is true, i might killed a life (which, it is true)...all i can say is that...they are just bunch of brainless idiots with no bloody common sense. And the BHP manager also speak brainlessly...shouldn't he apologize at 1st? that is not an excuse for just worry about getting rob. If he can't afford to lost the 4 fire extinguish, he better close down the station.

Anonymous said...

And yes, the Vios is the one who cause all this. But why people focusing on BHP? Because BHP can save a life, but they refused to. That girl wouldn't get burnt down alive if BHP lend the fire extinguish. She might just get injured and send to hospital, that's it.

Anonymous said...

agree with you ... Tiff ... if the girl in Myvi is your mother ... would you blame the BHP too ?? please think twice before you wrote and post ok ?

tiffany tan said...

Guess u gotta read carefully my post first =]

Anonymous said...

i not sure u were replying to who, i have read carefully before i comment. And yes, i do agree Vios is the root that causes all these. But what making ppl frustrated was not the root of causing the accident as we all knw there are a lot of this speeding accident everywhere. It is the behavior from the 2 attendants n the statement made by the BHP PR...vry unresponsive n idiotic. Robbery is just an excuse. Can use the common sense to judge the situation. Would a robber give u his IC when he trying to rob u? Would a robber spending time talking non sense to u other than immediately robbing u? Or they can one look out for the attack, the other one jst grab the fire extinguisher outside the door n let TEO take himself. how long does it take to lock n unlock a door?

Anonymous said...

n the Vios will get the punishment for sure, they cannot run away from it. But it's different for BHP, if no one standing out to make noise about BHP, they won't get any punishment which they should also, for indirectly causing the death of the girl. Both are to be blame, jst to let u knw why ppl focusing on BHP other than Vios...dun meant to be offend or wht so ever. Sry if i give out the wrong feeling. :)

Anonymous said...

"Even though BHP officially not guilty, we all know they are the ones that caused the girl to be unable to be saved. ( there are different in between causing the girl to be dead and causing the girl to be unable to be saved)"

this girl did explain it well... :)

CH said...

I agree with anonymous in this matter, which I elaborate further in my blog... Please drop by!

Anonymous said...

i guess everyone is pointing at that 2 BHP worker is because we saw a bigger picture by other's news feed.. but at that moment that 2 worker were inside and don;t know what happen outside...

John said...

y all anonymous? can't u all just leave a name? i support Tiff.

馨賢 said...

yes, even is the Vios' driver who cause this happened, but how we all understand about the meaning of ACCIDENT? Accident is unexpected external action that happen, or shall i explain in Chinese; 意外=意料之外所发生的事. Since sometime we cant control the accident to be happened, but we can do some other thing to avoid it become more worse, and here comes the volunteer guy who asked for the fire extinguisher just to help the girl. And the petrol station's fellas reject to offer any help. Well, just to remind, ROBBERY that usually happened late in the midnight NEVER be done by ONLY ONE PERSON, they did it in group/gang... So, my opinion is: The petrol station's fella should pay some responsibility to the girl's death due to their cold hearted and UNINTELLIGENT!

Anonymous said...

sohai ! tiff , u try to imagine sun is inside asking for help ?! will u do tat ? than u onli noe how would tat guy felt !

tiffany tan said...

so what are u cibai kia or bitch?
Im posting my own comment and u are welcome to comment here but not changing ppls thought, btw...dont u learn moral or mother to teach you?

And wth force u to read my post? since u are so unwilling why give a damn to commment? Fuck off la? coward who dont even dare to put ur link out. pathetic

learn philosphy before u wanna talk here k? but moral come first...tsk tsk

we are sharing different comment not compete by posting vulgar words my dear =p



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