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Meet my new pet besides Bubi, she's Pink Pink. WTF!
I seriously don't know why bubi name her like that but he claimed that since he bought me that so he got the right. Another new stuff to add in my car to make it prettier, besides book and shoes there is nothing pretty inside, but lately Kitty and a small disco ball is added =)

The lovable, useful 8mthsary pressie is love.

Guess bunny is just a common pet for you all. Now let me intro a not-so-common pet to you guys. A hedgehog! It is not mine obviously, i would definitely don't want this to be my pet. Never ever!!! I just don't understand why nowadays friend i knew like to own some weirdo not-so-common pet. Iguana and blah.

Some friends of mine just brought over while we were lunch-ing at the supa delicious wan tan mee shop. Everyone get so excited yet feeling scary (me).

Touching it is the biggest problem of all. Antonio manage to pose with it (inside the cage) only.

The girls decided to get some nice chilling place to settle their night. So we went to Friendscino that located at Damansara Perdana aiming FREE BEER!

Free Hoegarden (5.30pm-6.30pm) and Limon Mojito (7.30pm-8.30pm)!
No purchase require!

Means you don't have to order any food/ drinks in order to get this.
Everyday but ONLY LADIES. Guys could bring their gf along to enjoy free beer while you were enjoying World Cup in the big screen.

It was actually a girls day out but we decided to tag the guys along.

Order some snacks too.

And there it is! Our Hoegarden! Is 1 Pint, FREE. No Joke!

They have everything. Wifi, ambiance, food and good service. It is a nice place to hang out in bunch, or you may spend the whole evening alone here.

3 of the girls get our Free Hoegarden but left out one which did not have a boobs. Opps~

Guys, you want FREE BEER too?
Here's a great news for ya!
Wear a jersey to Friendcino before 10pm, you will get ONE FREE GLASS of CARLSBERG too.
WHat are you waiting for? But promo gonna end on 12th July. Whatcha waiting for?

Look how easily Ken fall asleep you can imagine how comfie is this place.

Finalleh...the World Cup fever is ON. Look at those big projector, guys just loving it.

Also means that they gonna give away FREE Limon Mojito.

Being a girls isn't that great?!

Eric and Ken

Renesha, Cheryl and boyfie of hers.

If you would prefer to dine w/o interrupt by the football fans shouting goal that make you jump out from your seats, of course there is a different session that can let you enjoy your dinner.

Nicholas, the kiddo singer of band.

Newspaper reporting that waiter in US is using iPad to speed up their service. They put menu in it. But what Malaysian do when iPad is consider "illegal" here? They using it to bet. Great right?

Dint take much picture that day but coming up post will be introducing their Gfood!
Cant wait for my post?
Check them out at for menu and pictures.
They'll update info everyday about their promo and latest news. You will definitely don't wanna missed it.

Wondering what time they gonna closed?
Weekday will be closed at 1am
Weekend will be closed at 3am
How about World Cup days? Tadaaaa...4am!
So dont worry they will closed shop suddenly while you were shouting "Goaaaaaaaaa......" *fullstop w/o "L"*


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