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Friendscino Food Review

Aloha people. Another yummylicious food post for you all again for this weekend. Hoping you will get a nice spot to settle down your dinner and bonding time with the bunch.

As i mentioned last post, its
Friendscino Bar & Restaurant but today will be more details. =)

Friendscino abbreviation of "Friends" + "Culture Is Not Optional (CINO)

Formerly known as "Friendster Cafe" located at Damansara Perdana has now re-brand and redesign into a lifestyle destination icon with urban interiors design, offering lovers of fine, innovative Food & Beverage will rubs their hands in glee.

What they have here?

  • BAR - full range of German & Belgium Beers and liquor
  • FOOD - more than 100 delicious foodie
  • FUN - Pool, Games, WiFi
  • SPACE- 4600 Square feet

Facilities and ambiance picture

Red is Hawt!

I told ya earlier. There is shit loads of liquor and beer here. Just name it.

They also selling shooter and cocktail too.

Pool they have it here too.

Meet my special date on that night =p
Kar Mun missy.

And finally, Miss Vit and Karyan arrived after shopping session.

We were arrange to sit in the inner table near to the pool table. It was huge and we bloggers manage to run here and there taking picture and posing around. How big is that? 2 sofa sets and a pool table plus...2 looooong row of table (still got plenty huge space left) Now define it yourself.

Uh-la-la~the sexay lady! Not me of course.

Lemon Mojito Rm 22
Rum, Lemon juice

Sex On The Beach Rm 22
Vodka, peach liqueur, cranberry juice, orange juice

Look at Karyan bloody red nails. Matching huh~

Pina Colada Rm 22
Malibu rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice

Seems like everyone having a great time there.

Wild Mushroom Soup Rm 16
Original 6 wild mushroom served in a bread soup bowl and long garlic bread

Caesar Salad RM 12 add on Smoked Salmon RM 5

Romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing, minced chicken and pecorino cheese basket
Choice of add on by adding Rm 5
Crispy calamari, grilled chicken, smoked salmon, tempura prawn, chicken meat loaf, chicken pepperoni and beef salami.

Apple and Mango Salad Rm 7
tossed with wasabi aioli dressing served on a bed of mesclum salad

The supa IMBA-IS-TIC appetizer. MUST TRY!!!
Bruschetta Rm 16
toast briache bread with a sliced tomato and smoked salmon

I supa love this until i don't feel like sharing with mua buddies. SERIOUSLY man! Until i thought of the fats! Urgh~you just gotta try this before you can understand my feeling. Make sure you make it clear you not gonna share it. =p

Self note: I must not be that selfish!!!

Already drooling from the beginning? This is only the beginning poeple!
New Zealand Lamb Shank Rm 27
slow braised lamb shank with Asian spices, red pesta and stewed capsicum served with shallot sauce

English Fish and Chips Rm 16
Deep fried John Dory fillet companied by tartar sauce

Norweigan Salmon Rm 27
pan seared accompanied by cold baby potato mayo and sweet basil served with smoked barbecue sauce.
Personally recommend this. The sauce made a great pair work with the salmon and of course freshness you can tell. Me likey the baby potato so much.

Chicken chop VS Lamb Chop

New Zealand Lamb Chopped Rm 27
served with french fries, sauteed vegetables and raisin cumin black pepper sauce
Personally recommend this! The lamb is just nice! Tender and juicy.

My most excited wanted momento~
Strawberry Romanoff Rm 12
tossed strawberry fruits with freshly whipped cream, mint leaf and fruit sauce.
If you love something sweet, aim this!

Again the not so working diet way. Failed! But really its worth it!!! The food is just so nice that you cant resist any single one. I ordered Bread and Butter Pudding, too bad is out of stock. Must go back and try for the coming visit. Of course free Hoegaarden!!!

People of the day
Feeq . Tiff . Mun

Front two totally no idea,
Left- Victoria, Jason, Karyan.
Right- Me, Mun and Feeq again.

The guy who order Sex On the Beach is getting tipsy.

Waiyan the girly girl.

Yasmine the D.I.Y Queen.

Feeq agaaaaain.

Jonathan. The kiddo i met since last PC FAIR while i was working for P1 Wimax as brand ambassodor, he was a photog assistant if im not mistaken. And now we met again. He's a little grown up (still kiddo) but a photog who can manage to take good pictures by himself already.

Bunch of girl blogger.

Happy satisfaction face *burp*

I am still upset about the bread and butter pudding =( dint even get a chance to taste one bite. Kar Mun, Renesha...shall we? XD
Lastly, thanks to Friendscino and Adverlets for the invite.

Looking forward to hop in too? Map below
Basically after you pass through Curve, keep to left middle lane then you will get to see a roadsign leading you too Damansara Perdana.

More info please check out at:

LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald North
Jalan PJU8/3A, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel No:
+603 77 1000 35





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