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Too Many Why In Love

Girls are hard to understands. That's what my baby boy told me all the time. I always ask why this ah, why like that ah, why you oh...loads of questions.

I got a big smile hung on my face before i head to class. Someone did this evil thing to me which makes me smile insanely all the day.


I was still asleep while bu gotta work early in the morning, so he pull off his hand under my head and went shower. Sounds harsh right? But he did it gentlely =)

I gotta admit my boy is more hygiene than me. He bath like every time he sweats, every morning and every time before and after outings. Oh god~i would never do that! Damn troublesome. I don't like to bath, i used to nag by my mum zillions time a day to ask me bath earlier. But i don't until the time i gotta head to bed, once i bath I'm gonna stuck there 1 hour. Don't you said that I'm dirty, i bath at least one time a day, I'm saving the water saving the earth. LMAO. But if the weather really suckie, there would be a second bathing session of course.

After my boy finished bath, i heard he said "Bi, I'm going to work lo." indistinctly. I give this stupid reactions by closing my eyes and hanging my hands up 45 degrees facing nowhere because my eyes are shut i got no idea where he could be until he gave me a tight hug. Awwww~i love to be hug in the morning. His room air cond is freaking cold which i got no idea why he wouldn't increase the temperature since we are facing the same problem?

I was almost awake by this--- a kiss on my forehead and my lips. This is kinda abnormal to me because he used to kiss my cheeks and lips only or maybe i didn't noticed while I'm sleeping like a pig but he claimed that he did. Since then I'll just follow my own thoughts better.


Later that, we headed for brunch and I'm craving for Maggie Goreng once again. We went to our favourite cheapskate mamak again. As usual, Nasi Leman Matahari, Maggie Goreng tak mau Sayur, Milo Kosong Kaw Ais and Ais Limau. I love vege but definitely not vege over here. Tell you something secretly......i heard they did not wash the vege before they cook it. BEWARE! But still, i love dirty food there. I'm addicted! We are addicted! While we was eating, he will steal some of my Maggie away in small amount. My boy is so cute (in my way)! After I'm done with my meal there's half left in the plate and I'm ready to enjoy my Milo already. He asked "You full already?" I nod my head. He took my plate over and finished it. Compare to those macho man who cares about their shapes and weight, i call my boy the macho-est. He rocks in his own way thru my eyes. Maybe this is the reasons who makes me attracted by/ like/ love him? just like he wont pointing at me for wasting food or let me feeling guilty for not finishing it but he suck it all in.

I could be gaining weight because of him also losing weight. Every meal we had together he tend to order loads of food. Perhaps 3 main course and 2 appetizer adding a dessert. Damn! I couldn't stop my hand from taking those food and he keeps encouraging me. I told myself i should start diet last 2 weeks, obviously failed! But my boy is a big eater, he could actually finished all by himself and let me focus on my diet plan...if only i could stop staring at the food. FML!


We used to had a night talk before we went to bed. My mind keep appearing the scene of he's kissing my forehead, loads of questions appear in my mind. I brave myself and ask "Bu, why you kiss my forehead today?"
He "Huh? I don't know."
Me "There must be a reason."
He "I just do it when i feel it, not everything also got reason la bi."

He get annoyed by me and keep complaining why i got so many why. Still, I'm stubborn enough to get the answer!

Me "Must be something make you feel like doing so!"
He "I love you of course i kiss you right? If not how can i do so?

Damn boy! This is the answer.




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