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Blup-Blup Moments at EspresSoup

Is the end of my test today for Comm 101. I did not did it not supa perfectly but i can said I'm getting at least a B+? Lol, studying in ADP is a damn hard thingie for me as 70% consider as ngam ngam pass means C. WTF right? So if I'm getting a B im gonna pray and thank god.

The test starts at 2pm end at 3pm. There's 60 questions and guess how long i took to finished it? Jiang jiang, i end it at 2.12pm but then i dare not leave that early because everyone is still burying their head inside the paper until i saw Sheng, my big guy buddy is about to stand up. I gave him a wink and made that eye contact. Lastly, we left together at 2.17pm. Wheee~feel so good man. Cant wait to catch up with Alex for gal gossip session. ADP is a place that never coming up without NEWS. Everyday FRESH.

Had my TomYum mihun at Casamia, our favourite bakery cafe then headed to Starbucks for some real cooling time. We are both addicted to the drinks over there and no way to heal it. FOL. Gimme some solution please...

As both of us was laughing loud suddenly there is something so wrong i can feel it. No there is no robbery or car accident neither terrorist attack. If I'll explain it in detail, you might be puking right now. In short, PMS. FML cause im drinking supa nice and kaw ice blended choc in my very very first day of PMS. I have to stop that and went home earlier cause i dint bring any pad with me. All because of my Ptracker faults (iphone apps that calculate your PMS date)!

OTW home, i can feel the pain. And yes damn suffering!!! Now i learnt a lesson and maybe this will stop me from drinking Starbucks anymore. Shuuu that fats! Okay i shall stop mumbling my suffering day anymore and back to some great moments i had last few weeks.

Fooooooodie again!

30 May 2010, Location: Lowyat's EspresSoup.

is buying all fellow bloggers for lunch. This is not the best part of all. The best of best is YOU CAN EAT ALL YOU CAN FOR FREE! OMG~how can i miss such important date!

What so famous?

Soup in da bread la! Do check out their thick creamy soup. Unspoken yummy!

Besides they do served other soups too. I'm not gonna tell you fella cause you just gotta find out yourself lazy goose.

Eating the soup must have this knowledge too. If not at last you gonna left out the bread and this happen to me. I saw this after i finished all the soup.

Finally settle down after rushing for bathing, doll up. I park my car at TimeSquare and i even walk up to TimeSquare EspresSoup but then i noticed how come no familiar faces? I thought everyone is gone man cause im so damn late for it. Till i call Karyan i only noticed i went to the wrong place. FML. I had to use the fastest speed to walk adding a little running to LowYat.

My meal of the day. I ain't that greedy gonna eat the whole shop down.

FYI, they also served un-bread soup. XD

Every one's loving Carbonara there. Must try!

Those fungry gals meals.

Salad, soup and ALL SAME Carbonara plus GreenTea.

Simon So of the day =)

Glad that he still welcome me. I received the invitation but i didn't apply. Hahah~i thought no ones going mar. My shyness is melt by his friendliness.

Simon So and The Me =}

Too many camera there till i get tired to pose for it prettily. Act natural is the best! Karyan is posing naturally too. LOL

Mia and me. Having fun with camwhore.

Girly gals.

Mia, Tiff, Karyan and MissVit.

The events end at 3pm. What's next by having the bloated tummy? SHOPPING!

MissVit snapshot from behind. She got a DSLR. =( I would loved to have it but its too big!

While waiting for Mia to get her nail colour.

When there's a HUGE mirror...

After a looooooong day. We are all crawling fish without water. Get our ass down at Old Town! The fastest 4Mb Wifi!

Anti Social Mode ON.

Tiff and Mia.

We are both BB Cream seller and Lens seller. So ngam!

Scrolling down and down and i just realised that where is my pic with MissVit and Karyan face besides? We dint take any picture sadly =(

Looking forward to eat free food and blog for cash?

Join and you will be joining the big family =D


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