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What's Next by BHP?

In such a short time im gonna update again. Woots~
In a sudden im like so into the social happening. So not me! FYI, i only read news about raping. Im pity for all the girl who dont deserved this! LOL, i guess i'll go for the woman association election soon.

Great thanks to Monnie Mon, a friend of mine in FB which i dont know her. Ahaha, but we had the same thought as BHP is not the one who shall be blame fully.

Then she send me this news. Finally, BHP response on it while everyone is fucking them up and down.

Monnie Mon hey babe, look at this...the reason why the attendance refuse to open the door

" BHP government relations manager Abdul Kaiyum when contacted claimed that the BHP attendants refused to open the door for Teo as he was not ‘acting calmly’ when asking for assistance. Neither did they refer to their supervisor because it was past midnight.

In defence of the staff in charge, he said that the two of them previously had been attacked and beaten up by assailants while on duty at the station.

Abdul Kaiyum said that BHP would hold a press conference over the matter this coming Monday, June 7.

-The End-

Hold your breath and judge later peeps. Because we are all outsiders =)




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