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I'm not a fans of necklace, bracelet or rings. One of them is enough for me. But earrings is never ever enough for me all the time. There is only one place i would spend like this for earrings. They got loads of pretty earrings from Korea. Every time i visit there, this is the only aim i had in my mind. I'm a fans of HUGE watch too, but it was too expensive for me to play with watch at this age or maybe im kiamsiap. I only could wait for my dad to sponsor me. =(
Daddy, Toy Watch please...

Blink blink!

Always my first love. FYI, all my gadgets are all dolled up by these girly "dresses". my iPhone, camera, planning for my PSP Go!


Currently I'm addicted to it, but soon or later...Hoohah! Again i bought this dirt cheap! You might drop your jaws! How much for all? RM20!!! Bows are girl stuff! There's where my motivation come from to bargain with the uncle.


I was given priority there. Once i walk to the swing, kids will just stand and walk away from there. Its mine! Being taller then them is so good. Neh~I'm not that bad actually. Looking children running and sharing at the playground sometimes makes you feel good without any reason. You just smile...naturally because they are happy.


Desserts is always my bestie. Opps~i forgot upload Milo packet picture! It was my best best bestie. Don't you feel that you always need them whenever you are happy or sad? You happy you need a cake to celebrate it, when you are sad you need them to comfort you.


Ahahah~I'm doing this 5 days a week at every corner of Subang when i don't have any test or assignment to rush. Especially lately, our new shopping mall EMPIRE SHOPPING GALLERY. It just opened lately and currently free parking. Woots! They had lotsa supa nice restaurant there and main part is less crowd!

Food from The Loaf- Smoked Salmon Panini
Drinks from Starbucks (obviously)- ice blended Choc!!!

Furry Fluffy Puppies!

Again this picture was taken at one of the pet shop at Empire. Went in there and spotted this dog lying at the cashier so quiet and CUTE. The girl offer us to take a picture with it while we are actually not allowed to but she ask us to be quick.

See that furry ball with its innocent face!!! What I'm addicted to is not their fur, but when they walk with its fur the butt will actually shake like a pom pom! Left right left right. Bubi actually thought of buying us a dog but then, for now...its a problem for us even though we like it so much! =( Time and responsibility. I used to had a shih tzu but end up was given away because of the same problem. I couldn't manage myself yet sadly. And the previous dog i had must be taken out whenever I'm out, she just couldn't fit herself when I'm not around. How pathetic that i was willing to bring her out all the time even dating but how many shopping malls allow pet to shop around too?


No one can grab my egg especially my egg yolk when i haven't nod my head even the dearest bubi. Now you know how much it meant to me? I will get angry if someone accidentally eat it while i walk away from my nasi lemak or whatsoever. Bubi is being a real good boyfie for letting me finish the yolk every single time =) Satisfied burp*
Of course you are allowed to stare at my egg yolk if you like.

Too bad it wasn't mine. I stare at the yolk sadly that day because it belongs to Sheng's. Maybe egg meant alot to me tats why i didn't ask him to spend me his egg because i wouldn't hope there's anyone asking me this question while I'm eating my egg too.

I hate you so much. Only that day =X


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-.-" so handsome!



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