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Crispy Popiah at Restaurant Foh Foh

What so nice and special about this popiah.

  • cheap

  • crispy

  • taste like sushi
We are all addict to this little thing, it doesn't had great decor, lousy noisy ambiance, look so so only but we all give a thumbs up for this.

For the normal one (w/o seaweed), they are selling only for Rm 1.90. Cheap neh?

Everyone is having at least 1 plate. =P

And all of them in a row is eating happily! No words to describe much about this post, because i cant tell by picture. At last, you still need to try it yourself.

Faris and Har Mee.
The social man and car lover. Har Mee own a old sport car that cost 50-60k but guess how much he spend additional for it? 70k! For the engine. I don't get guys =.=''

This is the only picture i had that can let you feel how nice it actually taste.

9 plates total.

Who said that culture define by religion and genes?
Big NO!

See how well Faris use the chopstick. Its the traditional Chinese style.
Do you?

Feel like giving it a try?
FYI, Restaurant Foh Foh is located beside Subang Square or behind Taylor's Buisness Building. It is a hawker center located at Subang SS15.


simonso said...

so this is the restaurant that 2 fella always check in.. @tcmaine jaeshaun

hEnRy said...

OH...that's near. Tmr can tapao if pass by there...



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