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60 Earth Hour

So fast 1 year just passed by our side

Life goes like a blink of eye.
Things you never catch up, it has gone.
People who is still here, appreciate it.
Earth is abit sick, do something when you still can!

Still remember last year they have this campaign at 28th or March, surprisingly most of the people are participating it. Eventhough people who run buisness such like mini market also did switch off the light for an hour.

This year, here it come again. Lets rock together!

Stop all your electricity and go dark.

If 1 hour seems long for you, why not try to cook yourself a dinner before that and eat it with lighting up the candle.
Perhaps, candle light dinner is what you need right now to spice up your relationship with your boyfie. For family, hmnnnn~try board game! Bet it works though.

Stop giving excuses and follow the trend!

2010 27th, Saturday (tonight)

Happy Birthday uncle Alan
. It was his birthday and we are gonna head out for dinner tonight at some randome restaurant. I was wondering, whether candle light dinner in a Chinese restaurant...can happen mou?
Have fun with ya SATURDAY =)

You name LAME

Twitter, facebook and blog seems like what we used nowadays as a tools to release our self from stress and emo-ness. But normally, we'll update at tweeter and FB more than blog because blog need more time to work with in order to release our self. End up, you might getting yourself trouble.

There is either two types of incident happen to me that lead me updating to much.

1. I'm full with ideas in mind, cant wait to share.

2. I'm really stress and emo to the max, that's why i spam my wall.
Well, its my wall right. I can do whatever i want, so do you! Of course i understand that i might causing you trouble when you open your HOME you'll saw shit loads of my updates. I don't mind, if you choose to hide me.


Therefore, this guy which can see that he's trying hard to create a topic between me and him. (what i feel, you don't agree just click "X" on your screen to shut my damn blog down.)

The first message he send :
I was like...=.= WTF he mean all the time! Wanna get a girl also dint stalk clearly.

So i just reply him back to see what he wanna say and to shoot him as well. Why don't he realise that i "looks like" updating all the time but why don't he realise that what time i don't update? Aren't FB stated clearly what what status is posted "X" hours ago?

Then he reply no idea. DAMN, you got no eye ke? Hours stated also cant see? What did he meant that wanna tell me but scare offence me? This guy live in damn confusing world la. I thought I'm the only one but now...he's number 2!!!

Never mind, what makes me LMAO is he wanna tell me through phone to show HE IS VERY SINCERE TO TELL ME MY PROBLEM. I bet when he get my number, he gonna tell me to MEET UP IN ORDER TO SHOW ME HIS VERY VERY SINCERE HEART.

hello, you are just one of the net friend in my FB or not even. We dint interact at FB or even might have i could not remember him at all.

The way i reply was actually trying to say "talking here is good enough for me."
After i replied, i damn hyper to see what he gonna reply. However, is in my prediction what he's gonna reply me.

After i reply this......

He did not reply at all.

1. I guess he know that he couldn't even get one of the figure in my phone number?
(I thought he is super thick face?)

2. I update my status about this and i called him SUPER LAME MAX GUY, he read it and ran off?
(hmnnn, highest possibility among all, you know if the gal find out it was him, he will never get a chance to know a girl anymore even if he change his strategies. If the guy know him more kaw! They gonna man-mouth of him too like how gal bitch)

3. He feel ashamed with what i replied?
(hey, that's nothing right?)

Well well well, get a better working idea next time.
Wish you luck =D

Miss iPhone

Just got my iPhone at end of Feb and this is one of the reason i did not blog for a period. Because i could easily check out everything through my phone so I'm damn lazy to open my lappie. iPhone are gorgeous but sometime i still prefer NOKIA N76 my first blinkie phone and i used it the longest among all the phone.


1. Its hard to find people at contacts. For nokia no matter i remember the last or first name, i type it i got the whole list which contain the alphabet but this. Only either one!

2. Message people in a group is hard. Nokia could just mark a bunch of people but this, u gotta mark and go back and go in and mark again. Imagine that you got 20 people to send, you gotta do it 20 times.

3. Battery die fast. Even i did not play much, i gotta charge twice per day. And I'm bringing my charger almost everywhere i go especially college.

4. Selfish. I cant share my pictures with other brands phone but only iPhone. I cant share song with iPhone too. It needs its very own software at your on lappie (iTune) to do so. So now my iPhone got no song at all but loads of game. Pathetic thing.

That's all the disadvantages i get to know for now.

What will people do once they get their iPhone? I bet most of them are same as me. They buy the screen protector immediately and cover as well. Just couldn't bear it get a scratch on it. And that happen to all touch screen users. Right?

Actually my screen protector was transparent type (normal) but then me itchy hand after apply not enough 1 week, i ask him to change it to mirror type screen protector for me. Thought of no need bringing mirror everywhere and convenient to got a mirror that stick to the phone ma. End up~after the people apply for me, just 5 sec i stare at the outcome. DAMN REGRETTED!

I don't dare to tell him, if not he gonna buzz me.

Not i don't like, but that mirror screen protector is the biggest joke happen to my phone. I cant even see whats on my screen under the sunlight. I could bang by car if I'm reading msg when walking on the road. And the quality of the picture i took i cant see it clearly because it change my whole screen colour. GDI.

After Mr K know i got my iPhone he was kinda naggy and kept calling me Miss iPhone because he likes iPhone damn long but he just couldn't get it. Firstly he was working for DIGI and they pay his telephone bill 300 Bucks so if he sign up maxis plan it will damn confusing and wasted lo. Now what! After i got my iPhone for 3 days max he told me DIGI gonna come out with iPhone soon, i was like WTF! I just sacrifice my DIGI number eh. Unfair.

My gadgets never plain.

He's the big guy who blink my phone. Mad love!

Alex said it look likes bollywood theme. LMAO

For me you're my baby. *lovesssss*

Look how pretty she is...arghhh~
Slap me! I should stop praising the phone cover by now!

Might be doing a Vlog for the phone. Hope I'm hard working and efficient enough. =D
Its Friday again. Enjoy your night, chic and hunk.

The Skin of an Egg

Darn, i neglect my blog again. Oppsie daisie~i've been really busy with college stuff. Just done with my theater mid term and it goes ok i guess. Better than what i expect. And now final its just around the corner, i need some ideas again.

Here's what im gonna write about.

HADA LABO Cleanser. My previous Dermalogica just finished and i aint gonna spend shit on it. Its too costly and they did not sponsor anymore. So...i would rather eat with that money. Xoxo

They will sponsor me for expensive facial but i dont undrestand why not skin care? FML. Nevermind, i discover a new goodie and already add her in my skincare family =D

When Chinese New Year is around the corner for sure i needa have a good cleanser right? No zits please on the very moment of the year. I've been using it for almost 2months and i found it not bad so im gonna share it ith all lovelies here.

Gals will alays hunted for cheap and ichiban stuff from top to toe. SO DO I

I first know HADA LABO is because of its very damn chun toner that has a boombastic quote " A drop that locks the ocean" Damn kua cheong right? But hey hey hey, its true, infact not the whole ocean maybe but surely all the moisture that you need for your face. Go try the sample they had in Guardian im sure you ill be amaze by how instantly you feel after few seconds of applying.

Hada Labo cleanser got three series. Whitening, moisture and tamaghoda (卵肌).
Im taking the normal one -Tamaghoda but it aint that normal as u thought. It means bringing your skin back to the time you were born. Means FLAWLESS!

Well for sure i can tell my skin aint that FLAWLESS now lar, i mean when you use microscope you will still saw some bigger pore trapping oil seed inside. This consider bad bad skin even without zits! But the main thing is, it help me to reduce my clog pores. IT REALLY WORKS!

Description: With a philosophy "perfect and simple", Hada Labo uses only the purest ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, with no unnecessary addictives and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards.

  • Contains AHA/BHA for gentle exfloliation to remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped within pores

  • Polishes away dullness and refines skin's texture for visibly clear, smooth and radiant skin

  • Skin pH balanced. Low irritation

  • Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alchohol and colorant

Well, foam type normally after washed it will let your skin feel kinda dry and tight (based on expiriencing Biore, and only apply to same price range product). But this, it aint gonna happen! The best thing is, its gonna reduce clog pores. I've been facing skin problem since the non stop working period for event who need 12hrs make up plus heavy! Now as the result, my clog skin getting better. I can really remove it easily by using my finger (soft).

Why not adding to your shopping bag like me? You just get it for only 20 bucks less.



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