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hey dear, due to the lost of cable causes me cant upload and update my blog for a period
so now im updating my blog from bottom starts at july 4th
dont try to think im not updating ya, i love my blog so much eventhough lately are so busy working.
love ya guys~

thx for reading


random mixing stuff

so this is where i work for tomorrow...nervous!
studying hard now to remember the price list and series of the product, or else im gonna get screw by kelvin =0
i aint vase! i'll proof~

its still sunny after the shooting session, home now

i guess im in sunburn status...abit~

like the seat of roger's car, but then its too pack i feel
maybe im too fat...not wide enough for fat ass like me
camwhore pic

from this pic, dont u think that im the best selection for ribena ambassador? LOL

so this, is my all time fav no matter, lunch, dinner and supper
to me...its not just bfast that simple...

i thought dome ice choc were all time FAV of mine, but after i met starbucks one...oh gosh~ love
look at those cream, dyan ask them too add as much as posible for me

blogging at random bored day

found this in my ex high school, kinda creative huh?

peeps who like ice cream should know this rite?
AYI, this pic is not taken after 10pm, it means that yougur berry have shuttng down their buisness
how sad~ T.T

first time tryin shirts in i look good? at least smart i think...hmnn

dinner with famiy at ichiban boshi-pavi
cheaper than sushi king, wider variety, fresh and absolute yum!

love babies
u thought she were chinese taiwanese? hell no~she's a malay
anyway, she biting fries in this pic
soooo cute~


Daddy is bringing us out for movie! whee~my sis was so excited since she is drooling to watch her cartoons. It was terminator. Btw, its 2nd time for the same movie. LOL. not because of its so nice, its i have no choice but following them who hasnt watch
Before that, we went to TONY ROMAS for dinner. A real rush and quick ones.
bread that come with the meal~yum yum cause the butter with garlic is superb!

my grilled cod fish with baked & mashed potatoes as side dishes
extremely loved it!
the cod is grilled with some spices that blend perfectly with the freshness of the cod fish yet not covering the taste of freshness.

my dad's honey beef rib
oh gosh, im licking it from the bottom to top
honey was the beef
beef is soo tender!

fried spring chic
not that nice as i thought. chicken was crispy but too dried.

sis duno what turket hap pasta. ewh~not nice.
i guess they are using some cheap ham...sauce is super not nice!

now u guys get to see the spices that is covered on top of the cod fish
yum yum!

AYI, this mashed potatoes is really worth for its price. What we ate at kfc is like liquid thing but this really let u feel the feel of biting something small in ur mouth. The potato is not fully mashed, i still can feel it in my mouth and the skin also included.

the bone that is not just dog favourite

sis vanila oreo ice cream
yum! steal it from sis since she is coughing...i'll just have to help her to eat it!

dinner at THE SHIP

owh~look at her...adorable gal
So, today plan was dinner for my advance birthday
sis and i dress up and tied our hair similiar according to our plan
we wanna look like twins!
eventhough we know we dont since im 10years elder than her. LOL
while we are waiting for the food

Btw, that day is father day its packed with daddy and the children
this "ship" was located at the jalan bkt bintang. I hate it! So packed and air condition was bad!
I almost dying there because lack of oxygens

daddy's shark fin soup. eewh~i think i can buy that at the price of 3.50 at nite market too


was craving cod fish i ordered this. BUT BUT taste sick! I still prefer TONY ROMAS ones.

the seafood platter my mum ordered. yucks! does it look like those we ate at mamak or nite market we can get for 1 stick rm1 that kind? And why are there charging higer price since its only 3-4 sticks here?
i just dont understand how can the chef took the scalop and crab to fried it into this. its was chapskate to me. From this i really feel that "ship" is sinking
-or maybe just that outlet-

lastly, although im kinda piss with what they serve but im still the happy gal that preparing to celebrate for my bday^^
tomolo rocks!

interview on my pre bday

the noon of forgotten which day, was going to the interview of JTI.
They are paying me high, but i don't like the job scope...what to do? MUNEE PLAYING THE ROLE
just give me a try and personality a break
in this pic...i don't know why or how my face getting like balloon for just a nite time...owh!
seat belt on?

sunshine which reminds me sitting behind him once due to avoiding the hot sun damaging my fair skin...haha~
there were once a gal who thinks in this way...

finished interviewed, they told me i should be ok to be selected. wish so~

after the movie "state of play"-kinda depress and sad for what politic are comm here but u gotta see ur own
--cam whore pic time--

balooney face of tiff's
like speed! moody or happy...YES YES YES!

mickey cookie from dome?

i love DOME!

my rainbow cookie from SEAN from DOME

ice choc from DOME melts me up!

whoa~calorie up up

extravaganza creamy cream cream

supper of the day...sigx! im gonna be 20 real soon...

im 20 now!

can i still act cute when im taking pic? pls....LOL



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