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I thought i was happy for getting so much job at the days i wanted and i can earn 5k in 1 and a half month. That is kinda big amount for those full timers that selling cloth is somewhere, u know.
they were not gonna earn that in so short period, except they get many commission.
(not trying to critic, but is fact.)
But then, things were fooling around~sighs
which made i'm still awake at this moment

First, i'm actually planning to go for interview for the on9 model ambassador and pc fair, but actually the 2job clash in 3 days which i might need to let go 1 of it. Gosh~

Second, i just saw my diary and i got job from 20th july till 15th august, which means...pc fair is 31st july till 2nd august and its gonna clash with the 2 jobs above.

GOD...kinda stress now which i gotta choose?

Its opportunity cost time.
The second job i work for 4hrs can get rm140 = rm35/hr
The first job i work for around 10hrs but i'm only get a minimum of rm150 = rm15/hr

Photographer tell me that, working in pc fair and that model ambassador job gain me exposure and its better for my future work, but the pay is low
My feelings tell me that i work shorter time i can get that price which is better.
fame or money? what will u choose?

Last, once i confirm all my working schedule and say yes to the client, i tell my dad i'm gonna work and pass him another copy of my schedule...he said NO!
I was like? what @#$%^&*
I ask why again and again...he just ask me to get confirm with my UNI first.
I say i'll make it once i'm in not working days and intake is at September
He still shake his head to me by saying " that's other thing"
wth~he didn't even give me a reasonable reason
How could he be in this way? UNFAIR!

I wanna make my bank account to get higher saving and i don't feel like wasting my holidays, what's wrong with this?
I'm planning, should i just go against him and work?
If 5k is flying off man! heartache~

In the mean time, roger told me that he can get me a higher pay in pcfair for rm250-450
wheepie~but *sobbing*
dad there haven't solve yet, and the fame and money hasn't solve too
What to do? What to choose?

need ur help....comment pls
note: i need words that really help but not fooling around


Janice Phua said...

what is the second job? (cuz i don't know what is that so my opinion might not be very correct) yea no doubt the second job pay you more for current state, and you can save more or spend more? it's like more than double that your first job. but if you are very sure about what you want in your future which need fame and recognition, then you should consider the first one. hmm i wonder my opinion helpful or not?

tiffany tan said...

haha, i guess i'll save more than spend de la. i love seeing my account increase, but for sure will spend some la...
i actually know i wont work in this field in future...and its not long life job too.

dj.eRicZzz said...

i think u should go for fame. lazy to type :P but when you're famous, easier for u next time, my opinion lah :)



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