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conought night market with Ivan

the whole day was stuck in the home
on9 non stop, tv drama all day in the same for the day!
finally im saved by Ivan
his back from UK a weeks ago, and we dint get chance to meet
so here we go, he fetch me from 7pm at my house
we eat from the begining till the end of the street, for sure less portion la

in the way he talk to me, he really did change allot
of course, its a good thing!

AYI, he used to be my puppy love in high school
our puppy relationship stop after a school holiday, and i guess we dint even say broke up for that.

one holiday really can change allot of things u know.
in that time, we dont have car, family control stirtcly...many.
so when holiday, we dont even got a chance to meet...thats why, we broke up!
and that time, we dont even know clearly about love. how to maintain?

argh...many reason we talk about this at the car
laughing each other for the past and blaming each other how come last time dint treat me like now what u did.
because now he and i can cook...we did even cook for ex but now him or me.
so i ask him why he dint cook for me? he ans "lol, last time, u know meh?"
stupid quetins but great ans! u think that having ur ex as ur buddie now is so damn great?
to is. they are more ji mui then the ji mui u have now...sometime~




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