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fark up date at kenny rogers

at last im done with my exam, so now i can have my proper meal back in my tummy
a wonderful day im having now~phew..
taken this pic with sis while heading to KENNY ROGERS nearby AMPANG POINT
friend saw this pic and say that i look like a KID! DO I?

once we reach we made or order straight away...and ofcourse craving for the warm muffin, but sighx! the muffin was actually behind us and what i saw was only a tons of muffin without standard size! how can it be? NO STANDARD AT ALL! if u get me a bigger, for sure that i wont be complaining this here but they didnt! They get me the tiny little ones! BTW, the muffin was not warn enough to me.

besides that, the place was damn packed but they still dont open another session for the customer. I guess this is because of their LAZINESS! U know religion M~so that they dont have to serve that far.

as u can see in the pic. the place already so small they some more wanna put a table which is so damn near to the door. how ppl gonna get in comfortly?

another main entrance which is located nearby the table as
they just cant get it

very big eye bag that i plant during my exam days, im sure it'll be better after days

cutie that wearing cutie tee tryin to act cute!
end. speechless in this post cause whole family is piss by this "kenny rogers". normally we ate at TIMESQUARE and its fantastic! this....neh~




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