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so this is where i work for tomorrow...nervous!
studying hard now to remember the price list and series of the product, or else im gonna get screw by kelvin =0
i aint vase! i'll proof~

its still sunny after the shooting session, home now

i guess im in sunburn status...abit~

like the seat of roger's car, but then its too pack i feel
maybe im too fat...not wide enough for fat ass like me
camwhore pic

from this pic, dont u think that im the best selection for ribena ambassador? LOL

so this, is my all time fav no matter, lunch, dinner and supper
to me...its not just bfast that simple...

i thought dome ice choc were all time FAV of mine, but after i met starbucks one...oh gosh~ love
look at those cream, dyan ask them too add as much as posible for me

blogging at random bored day

found this in my ex high school, kinda creative huh?

peeps who like ice cream should know this rite?
AYI, this pic is not taken after 10pm, it means that yougur berry have shuttng down their buisness
how sad~ T.T

first time tryin shirts in i look good? at least smart i think...hmnn

dinner with famiy at ichiban boshi-pavi
cheaper than sushi king, wider variety, fresh and absolute yum!

love babies
u thought she were chinese taiwanese? hell no~she's a malay
anyway, she biting fries in this pic
soooo cute~




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