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oh god~a level really suck me up!

its knowledge had to be cover in very general ones...means almost everything like abortions, euthanasia, arts, drama, media, cloning...all!

i still remember last time when people ask me what course i am taking and after i told them, they used to reply back "wah! a level very hard leh!" I've been answer "where got? need to write many la..." but now...holly shit! i realise...and its too late!

having final A2 exam was never gonna be my favourite but now i drank it every single day for a month and 6-10cups per day! besides, its super kaw espresso!

see the pic. why i have 2 layer? AYI, the lower part is coffee, upper is the coffee powder! it means that the coffee rate is almost same as the powder!
coffee powder!

drinking coffee too much almost cause me dead! i poo-poo 10times in a day after having it! SERIOUS! im taking the espresso for 10cups per day and can tahan me till tomorrow and stay awake without resting till i finish my exam for that day. in that period, i was drinking coffee and reading...i poo-poo 10 times! i did count is not because I'm one of those nut, but i do really found that's so abnormal! i told my mum bout this and she told me not to drink it with empty stomach because it will...ur tummy. i think that's the so called acid effect bah

my, lunch, dinner, supper

was too busy when having exam, so i buy all the cereal that i like so that i can change it for till supper. different mixing and flavour! like eating ham for, chicken for lunch, dinner for beef...LOL! u know, i just feel like don't have enough time for bathing, eating, so i did buy this to shorten the time and more on study! whee~

besides, it also helps u to loose weight too!




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