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i guess im gonna sick soon, but i dunno what sick
its gonna serious i guess...
maybe im too worried but those signal that came from my body really...doesn't let me feel good about it

lately, my period been delay for already a week
i waited and waited...but auntie never visit me, how?
normally will just delay 2-3 days
this not the worse part i guess...

this will be gross...don't read it if u mind
my shit contains blood in it
at first i thought it was just...normal
but after that it happen more often, so damn worried now
plus, bambidee left are because of that to!
her shit got blood causing by the virus eating up her organs, so she left

and i have no idea that how come i can't sleep at night but woke up so early?
just like today...slept at 3am+ woke at 7.17am...gosh~

I've been eating healthily living good, no smoke no alcohol...but but but?
maybe sometime..its unpredictable



Oh my...better get a check up a.s.a.p if symtoms continues~ anyway get well soon



World Peace


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