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PAPA RICH when the moon turns on

just a normal post here to intro the PAPA RICH
forget which day went out for a drink in the late nite with sean, i have chosen PAPA because miss X told me that they have special MILO over here! drooling since long time ago!

haha, as what i said "im gonna get u!"
the dinosaur milo they called in the menu. still not my type cause it is not that kaw as i thought.
i think 2 more big table spoon should be better for me^^

milo powder...i always eating this while im movie-ing at home

environment there-not bad overall, its a place for gathering, chui shui...wooden deco there make me feel relax =)

anyway, there are always pack with peeps when moon turns on

milo sticking on ma lips...NO PIC PLS~

im just alone drinking with the invisible man...whoosh!

=they belong together=




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