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Shooting at De'MoDEL

hey guys, i did what i've promise^^
just get those pic hot and fresh from the oven of issa and teejuan
if not because of them i guess the pic wont be here smilling to u guys
i really don't like what the photographer did on my picture, so i just ask them to re-do it again
i'm loving it!
thx budd~

will be more coming soon~


sandrea said...

i like the forth xD
herm, u getting more slim, looking getting changed a bit, i noe it was u, but in some angle it doesn't really look like u eh !

tiffany tan said...

haha. ok luuu~
where got slim still like fat auntiee leh. some angle? mayb cz d make up ba, for usual i wont make up my eyes into that way de lo...look freaking...err...speechless

@hyew said...


duno u still rmb me anot?

we got chat in msn b4 deh..

ur pics so nice..

high class's model..



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