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Sunday Church

yesterday midnight, guan hoe ask me to attend church so sudden. since I'm so free, i say yes!
it's been 10years more since the last visit. the church i went today was SIB that located at PHILEO DAMANSARA. Pretty surprise that, the church was "modern". It is not just full with aunties but also youngster like me.
Starting, they sang...honestly, I'm a bit embarrass that time. I saw most of them singing and waving their hand and face are with super indescribable expression. Im like...oppsie! But if i sing it, i will feel im a bit guilty to buddha, cause i used to pray to them allot, but now im singing "oh, jesus we love u, we praise u..." How could i? But if dont sing and just standing there, i will look like an idiot. solve this, i sing the song but without any extra expression. Better i feel~
During the speech given by those pastor, i sneak on guan hoe frens bag...
look what i saw! Its a handmade X'mas card, how sweet~
anyway, the speech is not that boring as u and u thought. It is not just about jesus jesus jesus, but is about life...the view of life that u may use in it.
so after the sppech by 2 pastor, end up they called out those people who are facing problem to walk near the stage and give them a hand to pray together with them. They all hug together and pray...i was like? what!


the senior one was helping the peeps who facing difficulties to pray...

as my info, he was a doctor and also a pastor as well
i bet his rich~LOL!

before the speech end, we sang again

it was a joyful visit...but its just bot my type. Once a while...sure~




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