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not planning to type so much here, cause pic say it all!
beef in here is super damn tender and fresh!
AYI, daidomon is located at great eastern mall in jalan ampang 3rd floor(if not mistaken)
DAIDOMON is a Japanese BBQ buffet that can say in affordable price for rm49.90 for weekday dinner time.

scallop for BBQ? whoop~

oyster with butter

they call this beef sashimi...but i don't dare to eat it in raw so i mix it with the egg and BBQ taste super yum man....hard to describe but u'll know when u tried!

that smell taste good!


the menu

anymore info, can check from here~

the ox tongue that i just taste a bite and split it out. I just cant stand the chewing. Was like biting my own tongue!

this is de beef i like most besides that one with egg yolk. less fat and more thin slices...

anyway, there is unlimited sashimi over there u can refill non stop! and juice as well

must try! it can win jogoya for the taste, but definitely not variety!




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