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Daddy is bringing us out for movie! whee~my sis was so excited since she is drooling to watch her cartoons. It was terminator. Btw, its 2nd time for the same movie. LOL. not because of its so nice, its i have no choice but following them who hasnt watch
Before that, we went to TONY ROMAS for dinner. A real rush and quick ones.
bread that come with the meal~yum yum cause the butter with garlic is superb!

my grilled cod fish with baked & mashed potatoes as side dishes
extremely loved it!
the cod is grilled with some spices that blend perfectly with the freshness of the cod fish yet not covering the taste of freshness.

my dad's honey beef rib
oh gosh, im licking it from the bottom to top
honey was the beef
beef is soo tender!

fried spring chic
not that nice as i thought. chicken was crispy but too dried.

sis duno what turket hap pasta. ewh~not nice.
i guess they are using some cheap ham...sauce is super not nice!

now u guys get to see the spices that is covered on top of the cod fish
yum yum!

AYI, this mashed potatoes is really worth for its price. What we ate at kfc is like liquid thing but this really let u feel the feel of biting something small in ur mouth. The potato is not fully mashed, i still can feel it in my mouth and the skin also included.

the bone that is not just dog favourite

sis vanila oreo ice cream
yum! steal it from sis since she is coughing...i'll just have to help her to eat it!




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